• Zephyr Pride: Love who you love.

    While conducting interviews for a position at Zephyr recently, one of the questions we asked was “based on what you already know of our organization, how would describe our brand?” and the overwhelming response was “inclusive”. The definition of “inclusive” is “not excluding any of the parties or groups involved in something” and we at Zephyr strive to continue to adhere to this as a part of our brand through our classes, our space and the conversations that we have off of the bike. We all can relate to a time when we didn’t feel included in something, maybe it was just an event that we didn’t get invited to or an inside joke that we weren’t a part of or maybe it is something much more like being put out for being who are but we all know that feeling on the outside is something that we as humans do not like to feel. Using this knowledge and experience, we built Zephyr to be this space where you can walk in and be whoever you want to be. Often times we say in class “meet yourself where you are at today” knowing that it can change every single day but if we create that space to accept ourselves and each other, it will be this domino effect of self-love, compassion which in turn leads to a greater good. 

    June is Pride month and we are celebrating at Zephyr. A part of our celebrations and conversations means that we reached out to our community members to share their Pride stories and we were blown away. Not only is every story beautiful, but they all come back to the same theme in how Zephyr has helped them feel at home in their bodies and included in this space. These are community members who are a part of the LBGTQ+ community and allies. The first two stories come from Deb and Mickey, two incredible humans who have the best smiles and open hearts to all and we can’t wait to share their stories with you. Stay tuned for more this month. 



    Zeph Casias

    I was fortunate enough to have been raised by a single mom and an accepting household. The flip side to that is I grew up in a small Montana town. At the time it was a very small community where everyone knew of everyone and everything they did. It’s also an ultra-conservative and religious community. Two guys came out about the time I was thinking of doing the same. I waited to see how my classmates and teachers would treat them. They were bullied and the faculty did little to nothing to try and stop it. So I chose not to come out until after I graduated. I didn’t feel a sense of community till I moved to Missoula. It’s extremely important to feel like you’re allowed to be yourself and to be completely accepted at every stage in your life. Zephyr is one of the few places where I don’t feel like I have to hide or look over my shoulder. Bozeman has come a long way in being more accepting but it still has so much further to go. This studio is helping to push Bozeman into the 21st Century and making it much safer for all who live here. For this I am extremely grateful.



    Ricky Burns

    I was raised in the south in a very conservative household, it wasn’t until I was in my late high school years that I was able to start to understand my sexuality. Once I moved to college, I was finally able to spread my wings and become my true self. I was a large part of the gay community in Charlotte, N.C. while in college. I worked with drag queens and in nightclubs and ended up owning one of the best gay nightclubs in the state. I was lucky to have so many great people in my life to be there to support me. It was a wonderful time in my life. Living in Bozeman it was hard to connect to the community, but I was lucky to have Jake invite me to Zephyr. Finding an accepting place to meet other great people has been a blessing in my life. I am thankful for my Zephyr family and my life is blessed every time I get in the saddle.







    Marina Bradley

    As a teenager in Montana, it can be hard to show your pride and find your own identity. It feels like there are a lot of people who don’t want to see you succeed, and it’s tough to find other people like you. But thankfully, I was able to push through, and find and live my own truth, and a big part of that is thanks to Zephyr! Taking control of my own fitness has really helped me feel more confident in myself and my body the last few years, and I’m proud to be a queer teen in Montana. Happy pride!
    -Marina B, they/vem/vers






    Jake Steding

    Growing up in a town not wildly dissimilar to Bozeman I had all of the typical fears and hesitations known all too well to the entire LGBTQIA+ community. I found myself looking for validation through accolades and accomplishments – if I do enough, succeed enough, then I’ll easily overshadow the aspects of my humanity that others find “undesirable”.

    As we know, those walls are not built to last. My coming out story is less of a “coming out” and more of a diving in head first, asking no questions, and hoping for the best! I didn’t sit anyone down and talk to them. I didn’t have big moments with any of my friends. I just literally started dating who I wanted to date and THANKFULLY the universe provided me with a family of friends that were there for me to achieve the best version of myself.

    As I grew into myself I slowly but surely understood what it meant to have pride in myself and in my future. When you trust yourself enough to not just see the strides that you’ve taken but also believe in the steps to come, it makes it easier to take the stress off of the present version of yourself and hold more space for the next edition of you. My pride story is less about me and more about the people that have shaped me with their ambitions, their openness, and their energy. Never forget your energy matters and your presence is important.

    Having found and been lucky enough to participate in communities like Zephyr, I feel confident in the way I exist in the world and how I communicate my most authentic self. All I can hope is that I’ve been able to represent in a way that shows others how important it is to be 100% you 100% of the time. I was lucky to have people around me with my best intentions at heart. Be the one that people are glad is there when the water’s rough. It takes a village to build a heart.



    Emma Wulfhorst

    To me, Pride means showing up as your most authentic self, with courage and confidence—if you’ve ever taken a cycling class at Zephyr, you know that’s their motto, too.

    Moving to Montana to start my career nearly two years ago, I knew no one. Finding Zephyr felt like finding a family, a wonderful community that embraced me with open, most of the time sweaty, arms.

    I’ve always tried to live my life fully accepting of others, but in recent years I found while I was praising and accepting everyone else, I wasn’t extending that same courtesy to myself. Zephyr has helped me feel confident on my lowest days, motivated even when I don’t want to get up, and grateful for my body and everything it does.

    Just like Zephyr, the LGBTQ+ community is inclusive—you shouldn’t need to be “queer enough” to feel like you belong. Any identity or self-expression is valid and worthy of respect.

    We don’t get to choose who people are, we get to choose how we treat them—I’m learning and working every day to remember that means myself, too.



    Debbie Schenk 

    I’m Debbie and I’m “The Mom”.  I’ve worked on LGBTQ+ issues in Montana for the last 16 years. Being an ally has been a privilege that has taught me so much, brought me great joy and profound heartbreak.  I’m still learning. In that time, I’ve seen much change for the better and still understand that there is much to do.  Raising a son who is gay, in Montana, had its share of challenges but it has made our family’s world a bigger and better place.  Today, when there are businesses, like Zephyr, who are inclusive and welcoming to all, it makes my heart smile. I’ve seen times, more than I’d like to remember, when this was not the case. In the spinning studio, mat classes & any event, everyone is not only accepted for who they are but people are celebrated. That matters and is so important.  So as June, PRIDE MONTH, rolls around I am proud and excited to be a part of Zephyr’s Pride Month celebration.  Love is good, for all of us. Thanks to the Zephyr crew for always leading with love.  Myself and many others are forever grateful.



    Mickey Smotherman

    From a very early age, I sensed that I was “different” from most boys.  I didn’t play with dolls or want to wear dresses, but I also was not very athletic – although I tried so hard to be.   In those days, there was no such thing as transgender or nonbinary in the vocabulary, so I struggled with who I was.

    Fast forward to my post-retirement life after moving to Montana 15 years ago, and I realized that all my best friends had been – and are – female, and that I did enjoy wearing certain clothing that was not considered “masculine.”  As I discovered other qualities I liked about myself, I realized that most were considered “feminine” by society (compassion, nurturing, and comforting others – especially outside my family).  Since I knew I was not gay, I began to figure out what I was, and a transgender female was what I discovered – and embraced.

    Moving to Bozeman 5 years ago – with Bozeman’s weather limiting the season for skinny tire road biking – I decided to check out Zephyr.  I quickly fell in love with the studio.  I had participated in spin classes in Missoula for 10 years before moving to Bozeman, but the classes were at a “gym” and were boringly similar, so it was hard to make myself show up.

    Zephyr was different – I feel inspired, challenged, and most of all accepted for who I am.  I love being surrounded by strong women – both instructors and fellow riders – who inspire, challenge, and make me feel special each and every class.  On some days, I don’t feel like I can complete the class when I start, but by the end I am positively glowing – with sweat and appreciation for all those around me.  Zephyr has been a Godsend for this “gal” who just wants to keep going.  Although I’m probably the oldest in my classes, I feel younger when I leave.



  • Rider Spotlight: Debbie Schenk



    Debbie Schenk always arrives at the studio with a smile and a friendly word for anyone she encounters. She also just summited the Manitou Incline in Colorado – 2,768 steps to the top in one mile – with her sister, Renee! We thought that accomplishment was the perfect time to feature her as our newest spotlight reader. Read more about her and her Zephyr experience below. We love you, Debbie!

    What brought you into Zephyr?

    I know Carolyn and Kate (Carolyn’s mom). Kate “made me” go one time! Thank goodness!!!!!


    How has Zephyr helped you in your hardest times?

    Zephyr was my saving grace during the pandemic. It got me out of my house, kept me in shape and provided a safe and positive space to see others and know that ,together, we would all get through this trying time. I’m forever grateful.


    How has Zephyr changed your outlook on cardio?

    I’ve always enjoyed cardio but I can’t run much any more. Too hard on my knees. Zephyr is quick, I work up a sweat and I feel much stronger and more confident. I often times modify to my own level, in class & yet the class pushes me to do a bit more (sometimes A LOT more) than I would on my own. It’s for anyone and everyone!!!


    How has Zephyr improved your mindset on both fitness & non-fitness related goals?

    All those great affirmations and quotes and songs. So inspiring!!! I’ve laughed and cried and all the in-between. It moves my body & mind. It makes me think about some of the hard things. When I started it was SO HARD and I went once a week. Now I go 5-6 times a week and look forward to my time there. And……. I climbed 2768 steps at the Manitou Incline last week!!! I’d have never made it without Zephyr!!!


    How does the Z community make you feel at home?

    All those smiles. The people that work there make me feel like they truly care. From the front desk to the instructors on the stage, they are full of enthusiasm, encouragement and authentic kindness. And I’ve meant some super fun and interesting friends there too. Thanks Zephyr. Keep being you!!!!

  • Women of Zephyr: The Integrators

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    As a woman-owned business, we respect and admire the women around us who work to contribute to and strengthen our community, which is why, to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we’ll spotlight a different group of women each week who support Zephyr through their presence on the bike as well as our broader community through the businesses they’ve created. This week we honor the Integrators, women whose businesses and work help us integrate and align our minds, bodies and hearts so that all three can work together to allow us to live fully.


    Nina Haarer, Complete Body Works

    Fun fact about Nina: She’s Zephyr’s first official client, EVER! She was the first to sign up for our first 5:30 a.m. class when we opened, and hasn’t left our side since. When she’s not Zephyring, she’s giving otherworldly massages and facials at her business, Complete Body Works. As a licensed massage therapist and esthetician, she offers everything from orthopedic and medically prescribed massage to organic Hungarian facials and sugaring in a beautiful space that feels like home the minute you walk in – not least of all because she’s the one who greets you and makes you feel comfortable and at ease as soon as you arrive.

    Nina has helped many Zephyr team and community members work through and recover from injury, tightness, skin issues and more. But what we love about her most is how you always feel brighter and better after spending time with her – either on her massage table or at the studio. She’s pure light, and we’re so grateful for her presence.

    Learn more about and book with Nina here.

    Why movement matters to Nina:

    “Movement is connection: to myself and others and often both at the same time.


    Devin Archilla, Deven Helen Boudoir

    You KNOW we love this woman. You probably love her too, thanks to the heartfelt ass-kickings she hands out multiple times a week from the bike or the mat at Zephyr. Dev is also an incredibly authentic  boudoir photographer who bucks convention (and Photoshop) to capture women as their truest, realest, most beautiful selves. She calls the work she does “empowered boudoir”, which she says “celebrates the radiant beauty and the infinite worth of women. It’s inspired by the way we women can access a power that comes from a deep confidence in one’s value.” Can we get an Amen to THAT?!

    We’re constantly in awe of her talent, her realness, and her mission to spread self love, respect, confidence and compassion through her work. She makes this world a better place by helping the women she photographs internalize the truth that they are beautiful, valuable and worthy of it all.

    Learn more about and book with Dev here.

    Why movement matters to Devin:

    “Movement means gratitude. Movement means empowerment. In my life movement is moving forward and progressing towards various goals I have for myself. It is the act of not remaining stagnant or complacent, but rather moving forward in the journey of life for me to continually become my most powerful, genuine and truest self.


    Amy Darr, Pure Barre

    Amy, too, is a Zephyr original. She reached out to us before we even opened about collaborating with her business, Pure Barre, and that was our first taste of just how strong and openhearted this community is.

    She owns Pure Barre Bozeman, which features four group class formats that deliver “total body barre workouts focused on low-impact, high-intensity movements that lift and tone muscles and improve strength, agility and flexibility for every body.” Not only are Pure Barre’s workouts burn-worthy, the space itself is gorgeous and full of retail we dare you not to buy when you visit. Amy herself inspires us always as a boss woman who knows how to get sh*t done, is constantly innovating her business, and leads with a strong heart. Not to mention – her style is out of this world and she loves dogs at least as much as we do, if not more (and that’s saying something!!).

    Learn more Pure Barre and book a class here.

    Why movement matters to Amy:

    “Movement not only encompasses the act of moving but how you feel while you are. I am thankful to be able use movement to make both my body and mind stronger and so thankful for the community in which I get to move!”


    Marissa Allen, Energy Healer

    Marissa was Zephyr’s first employee – ever – and helped grow our little studio into a place full of life, heart, light and openness. She eventually vacated her job behind the front desk to focus on building her energy healing business, which was absolutely what she is meant to do.

    Marissa calls herself “a passionate healer with an alternative approach.” While energy healing is something with which some of us may be unfamiliar, she makes it accessible, safe and comforting through her straightforward yet completely compassionate and soulful approach. Our hearts love Marissa because she’s helped us not only tune into them and what they have to say, but has also given us the courage to deeply listen, reflect and act upon what they have to say.

    Learn more about and book with Marissa here.

    Why movement matters to Marissa:

    “Love is the essence of us all and when we love ourselves, and others, we start flowing with the movement of life. Movement frees our soul essence and eradicates the negative vibes and allows our true soul essence to shine through! Thus, Movement is Love!”


    Whitney Sullivan, Leadership & Life Coach

    We first met Whitney at Zephyr when she started coming to class right after our first birthday, in May of 2018. We’ve known her always as a strong, intelligent, infinitely capable human, so it was no surprise to us when she let us know she was beginning her own coaching business. She helps leaders develop their own “authentic leadership brand” through 1:1 coaching, team sessions and group retreats.

    We know that Whitney’s energy, authenticity, and passion for leadership will benefit anyone who works with her, and we can’t wait to watch her business transform lives. She’s the real deal, and we feel so lucky knowing that she’s at Zephyr and creating impactful change within this community.

    Learn more about and book with Whitney here.

    Why movement matters to Whitney:

    “Movement is my anchor when I’m not totally sure which direction life’s winds and waves will take me. When in doubt, I have movement to keep me calm, focused and energized to take on anything life may bring.”


    Carolyn Williams, Zephyr Cycling Studio

    Carolyn is the founder and owner of Zephyr. A Montana native, Carolyn’s love for music, movement, words and community created Zephyr’s foundation. Zephyr itself is more than a boutique cycling studio – it’s a community that moves together. Zephyr stands as a sanctuary for everyone to nurture their spirit and conviction, and our deepest aspiration is that people make the strides they need in the studio so they can unleash their best self on the world.

    Book a class with Carolyn here.

    Why movement matters to Carolyn:

    “Movement renews me. It’s how I return home to myself, over and over again.”




  • Women of Zephyr: Dynamic Duos

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    As a woman-owned business, we respect and admire the women around us who work to contribute to and strengthen our community, which is why, to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we’ll spotlight a different group of women each week who support Zephyr through their presence on the bike as well as our broader community through the businesses they’ve created. This week we honor Dynamic Duos, women who work together to positively impact our community and world in myriad ways.


    Amy Millikan & Alicia Singer, Millikan Consulting

    With some of the brightest smiles, personalities and minds we know, Alicia and Amy co-own Millikan Consulting, through which they and their incredible team provide effective, holistic consultation to support their clients’ marketing and sales operations.

    Not only are they absolutely incredible at what they do, they’ve created a company that prioritizes teamwork, respect for themselves, each other and their clients, and dare we say – fun?! From what we can tell, they’ve turned the phrase “work/life balance” on its head because they know that life doesn’t stop when you come to work – and they strive to ensure that the work their team allows them to live bigger.

    Learn more about Millikan Consulting here.

    Why movement matters to Alicia and Amy:

    “One of our recent weekly prompts with our team was ‘What is your best method to relieve stress for work and in personal life?’ While everyone’s answers were different, one theme across our whole team was the power and importance of movement. A space to regroup, recenter, breathe, reset. We built Millikan Consulting on a platform of creating jobs that empower the whole human – mind, body, soul. It is never lost on us how accessible recreation (indoor and outdoor) is to us in Bozeman and we continually prioritize walking away from our desks and integrating movement (spinning, hiking, yoga, pilates, skiing, hockey) in our day-to-day, with the result being a happier, healthier, and more productive team.”


    Elise Surma & Claire Surma, Garage Clay

    Elise and Claire are a sister-in-law duo who own Garage Clay, through which they make the world of pottery and ceramics more accessible to all through the clay, tools and kits they sell as well as the lessons they offer.

    Many of our team members have taken lessons from Elise and Claire, and we’re constantly amazed by how they truly make the process of working with clay so much fun, even for beginners. Plus, their group lessons foster a sense of community through that elevates the experience. Plus, we love that they invite us to move our bodies in an entirely different way than we do on the bike – but in a way that still allows us to access our heart space in the process of creating. Learn more about Garage Clay here.

    Why movement matters to Elise and Claire:

    “To us, movement means being aware of your strength + fully present in your body.”


    Harriet Chase & Sage Chase, PKT

    Harriet and Sage have been part of the Zephyr family for a long time now, and we couldn’t be more grateful that they’re part of our community. Their family created PKT –  a clean, all-natural, dissolvable daily multivitamin that comes in single serving packets – initially as a way to help nourish Sage, who received a Crohn’s disease diagnosis as a child. PKT (which we love dissolving in our water bottles a Zephyr class) allows our bodies to receive their daily dose of vitamins in one simple (not to mention delicious) dose.

    We’re grateful for PKT’s focus on making wellness accessible and straightforward – and appreciate that at its roots is a family who supports each other and wholeheartedly believes in creating health solutions that allow all of us to live more fully.

    Learn more about PKT here.

    Why movement matters to Harriet and Sage:

    “Physical movement is a gift never to be taken for granted. The ability to move freely in the form of travel is a gift. The ability to dance is a gift. The ability to lift a child or play with a beloved pet is a gift. Movement in the form of exercise is a gift, allowing the mind to open and welcome creativity and inspiration that otherwise would never come. Movement brings change to inequities in the form of marching and holding signs. Women would not be the leaders they are today without movement. We will continue to move by resisting when we need to and jumping up and down celebrating each and every win… together.”


    Alaina Perez (Petite Parlour, Ceremony, The Loft) & Kirsten Dye (Ceremony, The Loft)

    We initially met Alaina and Kirsten because several of us are clients of theirs at the Loft Spa on Main Street. Alaina’s a magician with all things hair-related, and Kirsten’s facials are legendary. They also happen to be close friends who came together to create Ceremony, through which they team up to not only style clients’ hair and makeup for big events, but to also give them a dreamy, inspirational self care experience. On top of that, Alaina owns Petite Parlour, through which she is renovating an airstream named Pearl so that she can be used at weddings, parties – any event, really – to transform the entire event through beautiful energy, amenities and vibes.

    We’re amazed by the way these two continue to find innovative ways to bring us more alive through the spaces and experiences they create and the services they offer. Their focus on making life in our bodies and hearts feel GOOD is something with which we wholeheartedly agree.

    Learn more about Petite Parlour here. Learn more about Ceremony here. Book with Alaina and Kirsten at the Loft here.

    Why movement matters to Alaina and Kirsten:

    “Being able to move my body is such a gift…It literally frees my mind! After a Zephyr class, I leave with a new perspective of possibilities and my mind and heart are just right!” – Alaina

    “Movement to me is the opportunity to expand our mental well-being and connections to ourselves and others.” – Kirsten


    Aubrey Wall & Julia Burnham

    These two incredibly courageous women created the podcast Bodies in Motion, through which they unearth truths about eating disorders, disordered eating and diet culture in sport through conversational interviews with athletes, coaches, and anti-diet advocates. Julia and Aubrey are honest, authentic and genuine-hearted when it comes to everything they discuss, and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable with themselves, each other and their audience.

    We honor the fact that they allow themselves and others to heal by creating a safe space to discuss difficult subjects – all the while continuing to keep the lines of communication open regarding ways in which we can all feel more at home in our bodies.

    Learn more and listen to Bodies in Motion here.

    Why movement matters to Aubrey and Julia:

    “It hasn’t always been this way, but movement, to us, is a way to experience joy. It’s a way to get out of our heads and into our bodies where we can feel, experience and love in ways that we can’t when we’re stuck in one place. Movement creates space to find and nurture community, to challenge ourselves and to check ourselves to ensure we are making decisions that honor our bodies, our energy and our mental health without expectation or judgement.”




  • Spotlight rider: Paige Reddan✨

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    We are thrilled to spotlight long-time Zephyr rider Paige Reddan, a woman who inspires us daily, during March – National Nutrition Month. Paige provides individual nutrition counseling using a positive approach through health empowerment, and we are so grateful for all she contributes to this community and the humans who inhabit it. Read more about what Zephyr means to her below, and learn more about her business here.


    What brought you into Zephyr?

    My daughter kept telling me how much she loved spinning and wanted me to try it. I consider myself a very active adult but spinning intimidated the heck out of me! She bought me a Zephyr Pass for Christmas which forced my hand. We went together that first time and I realized “Hey! I can do this!”. I was hooked.

    How has Zephyr helped you in your hardest times?

    As a mature woman, I have had my fair share of hard times. There are days I wish I had found Zephyr 30 years ago. Its not just the spinning, its the energy the instructors give towards finding space for grace in ourselves, setting intentions, recognizing our strengths both in body and mind. Women today are really waking up to their full potential and it begins with how we see and treat ourselves. To be challenged in movement while hearing inspirational messages is a powerful combination. My professional work is hard and intense, knowing I have Zephyr in my day helps me get centered to go back at it again.

    How has Zephyr changed your outlook on cardio?

    I swim and run and spin. Nothing compares to the workout I get when I cycle.. Ending my cycling workout dripping wet tells me my heart, body and brain got the best cardio workout yet.

    How has Zephyr improved your mindset on both fitness & non-fitness related goals?

    I look forward to coming to Zephyr every single time. I can’t always say I feel that way about my other workouts every single time! That ability to look forward to a body and mind workout at the end of my day on the bike helps me stay focused on the joy of setting other goals in my life, be it painting the bathroom or deciding to train for a 25K next fall.

    How does the Z community make you feel at home?

    It’s been said that there is no sweeter sound than the sound of our name. At Zephyr your team has made an effort to see me, recognize me and say my name. That means a lot. Especially at the end of a hard day when I have given so much of myself to others, I appreciate being seen.




  • Women of Zephyr: The Creators

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    As a woman-owned business, we respect and admire the women around us who work to contribute to and strengthen our community, which is why, to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we’ll spotlight a different group of women each week who support Zephyr through their presence on the bike as well as our broader community through the businesses they’ve created. This week we honor the Creators – artists who bring more beauty, awareness, creativity and heart into the world through their work. 


    Sumner Anacker, Sumshine Handmade

    Sumner is not only a Zephyr original, she’s also a talented artist who channels her creativity to make the world a brighter place. Through Sumshine Handmade, she designs and paints cards for every holiday, wedding, friendship and beyond. She can custom make just about anything you can imagine, and works with you to ensure that the cards she creates embody the sentiment you’re hoping to express.

    Sumner’s also a ray of pure light and her presence at the studio makes us smile every time she walks in the door!

    Learn more about Sumshine Handmade (and place a custom order!) here.

    Why movement matters to Sumner:

    “Movement to me is a powerful and therapeutic time to myself. Zephyr is a scheduled time in my day that I commit to myself, my emotions, and my well-being. Movement makes me feel alive and empowered – and for that, I am forever grateful.”


    Shawna McConnnell, Shawna Kaycee Photography

    You may recognize Shawna as a former Zephyr front desk team member (we miss her behind that ticket booth every day!), but she’s also a talented lifestyle photographer who is “wholeheartedly in love with love stories”. It’s immediately apparent just how much each of her subjects – whether it be a business owner, mother, child, family, bride, groom – trusts her to tell their story, as well as how much she cares about making them feel seen.

    Shawna also works fellow Zephyr babe Sue Stark on floral creations for the Wild Blume, featured last week.

    Compassion, intention, thoughtfulness and kindness abound in Shawna (rumor has it, she’s about the only one Carolyn will let dog sit studio pups Andy & Lua!).  Learn more about Shawna’s work here.

    Why movement matters to Shawna:

    “Movement is something I strive to create, whether it be with photography or flowers. I believe movement reminds us that we are going forward towards greater things. Movement is created by passion and the drive to work towards bigger and better experiences, this is something I aim for every day!”


    Jesine Munson, Artist & Academic

    Jesine is an artist, teacher, dog lover, passionate advocate for human rights, and PhD in American Studies candidate at MSU  – to name a few of her many talents. She specializes in custom pet portraiture, and has a beautiful knack for capturing the essence of animals through her bright, soulful paintings.

    Jesine’s courage, spiritedness, and love for what she does continually brings us joy and enlightenment, and we are so grateful she shares her heart with Zephyr.

    Learn more about Jesine here.

    Why movement matters to Jesine:

    “Movement is everything. It’s coming home to myself, into my body – out of my head. It’s expression, it’s release, it’s honoring, self-loving, and it’s necessary and magnificent for my soul.”


    Lauren Woods, Hustle & Throw Studio / Inner Alchemy Shop

    What can’t Lauren do?! A talented ceramicist, chances are you’ve seen Lauren’s work many places around town – and she’s now taken it next level by opening her own clay studio and shop, Inner Alchemy, which features local and American-made wares, ceramics made in house, print & original art work. She also offers private, one off, personal & group clay lessons.

    Lauren’s work is an expression of her heart – creative, innovative, spiritual, kind, and real. Her authenticity shines through in all she does, and we’re grateful for the ways in which she makes this world a more magical place. Learn more about Lauren, her work and her shop here.

    Why movement matters to Lauren:

    “Movement to me is about creating space within to cultivate freedom externally so that I can continuously show up authentically for myself and those around me.”

    “Do not break to break down, break to break open” – Danielle Doby


    Kelsey Thrush, Digital Designer/Creator

    We could sing Kelsey’s praises all day LONG! An incredibly talented designer, purveyor of beauty, and photographer, Kelsey’s taste is impeccable her and style out of this world. She’s also one of the kindest humans we know, and her sweet smile lights up any room she enters. She also helps grow and maintain Zephyr’s online brand presence by designing our emails and taking some of our favorite photos (like the ones featured in this series!). She’s the tops, and we’re so happy to know her!

    Learn more about Kelsey’s work here.

    Why movement matters to Kelsey:

    “Movement to me means being present. It’s a time where I am able to leave distractions, worries and anything else weighing down on me at the door and simply be.”


    Andrea Schaub, FreeStone Designs

    Andrea and her husband Mike founded FreeStone Designs because they “wanted to create comfortable and meaningful pieces for you to bring on any adventure.” And their products – which range from tanks and tees to custom tie-dye (yes, custom tie-dye!) sweatshirts – do not disappoint. The pieces they create become cozy staples in the closets of those who purchase them (we speak from experience!), and we love the intention behind their work – to allow people to be their freest and most adventurous while wearing their apparel. Adventure, ON.

    Shop FreeStone Designs here.

    Why movement matters to Andrea:

    “Movement to me means FUN! It makes me feel happy, alive, connected, and is something I look forward to every day. No matter if it’s a dog walk, a Zephyr class, or a run around the neighborhood, I know that I need movement every day to keep both my mind and body in check. Thanks Zephyr for always bringing the great tunes and providing an incredible place for me to move!”



  • Women of Zephyr: The Cultivators

    [et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.7.4″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.25″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.25″ custom_padding=”|||” custom_padding__hover=”|||”][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.7.4″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” hover_enabled=”0″ sticky_enabled=”0″]

    As a woman-owned business, we respect and admire the women around us who work to contribute to and strengthen our community, which is why, to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we’ll spotlight a different group of women each week who support Zephyr through their presence on the bike as well as our broader community through the businesses they’ve created. This week we honor the Cultivators – those who create and curate spaces, art, experiences and ideas that cultivate community, elevate mindsets, and make the world a more beautiful, compassionate place.


    Sarah Sloan, The Refillery

    Sarah founded the Refillery to connect the Bozeman community with sustainable products while simultaneously reducing the use of disposable containers and single-use plastics by creating opportunities to fill reusable containers up with quality goods ranging from  laundry detergent pods (that actually work, really!) to hand soap to the BEST smelling shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

    Sarah’s focus on sustainability and creating a service that’s not only good for humans but also good for the planet impresses us daily and we appreciate how she gently and compassionately makes us more aware of our impact on the earth – and helps us lessen our footprint. We love that she  began making a difference right where she could – in Bozeman – but we have a hunch that her impact will ultimately reach far beyond our community.

    Learn more about The Refillery here (and sign up to get refilling while you’re at it!).


    Why movement matters to Sarah:

    “Movement means enjoying this incredible landscape. Movement means my happy place (fully jamming out at Zephyr). Movement keeps me SANE!”


    Sue Stark, The Wild Blume

    Sue Stark is the founder and owner of the one and only Wild Blume, a floral design studio that brings the wild of Montana and the world into our lives and homes through artfully designed and seasonally sourced arrangements, installations (if you’ve noticed the moon installation above the water fountain at Zephyr, you’ve seen her work!), wreaths, table settings and more.

    Sue’s thoughtfulness, kindness and creativity seemingly know no bounds, and we love that she brings her community along for the adventure through the workshops she leads and the partnerships she fosters. Plus, when a creation of hers graces your home or business, everything surrounding it – including you – feels lighter, freer, better. Learn more about the Wild Blume here.

    Why movement matters to Sue:

    “Movement means: Coming home, working through, expanding, awakening, grace, gratitude, fun…. Life.”


    Ellie Southworth, Genuine Ice Cream

    Ellie is the owner of Genuine Ice Cream, serves small-batch, premium ice cream hand-made right here in Bozeman. Genuine’s flavors include everything from honey lavender to milk & cookies to peanut butter butterfinger and lemon sandwich cookie (Carolyn’s personal fave!) and not only do their flavors reflect that there’s something for everyone, but the feeling you get when you stand in line downtown (we think nothing of waiting in line on a Bozeman summer night!) or walk into their storefront on West Main is one of arriving at a business where you’ll be welcomed, no matter what (even if you want to try a million flavors – seriously! They’re cool with it).

    Ellie leads with heart, grace and grit, and we admire what an open-minded and genuinely caring boss lady  she is to her staff. She cultivates community both through the products she creates and the leadership she demonstrates, and we’re so grateful for all she brings to Bozeman (our sweet teeth thank her too). Learn more about Genuine Ice Cream here.

    Why movement matters to Ellie:

    “Movement to me is freedom. Movement is not always forward, but it is always progress. I can count on movement to give me growth, confidence and resilience.”


    Mallory Dabney, Heyday

    Mallory is the owner of Heyday, a lifestyle boutique not only IN the heart of downtown Bozeman, but OF the heart of downtown Bozeman. Walking into Heyday feels like a breath of fresh air and a hug from a good friend all at once, and we dare you not to get lost in sensory heaven perusing their mindfully curated selection of gifts, self-care delights, cards, clothes and so much more.

    Heyday is not your typical gift boutique, and Mallory and her team creatively and thoughtfully curate every corner of the store with products full of intention, heart and beauty. Mallory deeply values contributing to and educating our community and world through the designers and creators with whom Heyday partners and collaborates, and her perspective and intention inspire us always.

    Learn more about Heyday (and get shopping!) here.

    Why movement matters to Mallory:

    “Movement in my life continues to evolve and change, it looks and feels different, but movement has always given me the inward space I need to (re)fuel my soul.”


    Hillary Folkvord & Hayley Folkvord, RSVP Motel, Farmer’s Daughters Café & Sacajawea Hotel

    Walk into any hotel or restaurant owned by Hillary and Haylee Folkvord and you’ll notice immediately that you’ve walked into an experience. We at Zephyr have been frequenting Farmer’s Daughters, their eatery connected to RSVP Motel, since it opened for many reasons – they built the menu to include fresh, local, healthy, delicious food that makes you feel good, and the design of the space itself invites you to sit and stay awhile.

    Hillary and Haylee themselves welcome you with genuine smiles and “How are you?”s, even though they’re just a little bit busy running three different businesses. We’re in awe of their ability to make guests and clients feel right at home while simultaneously creating elevated experiences through beautiful and carefully chosen and researched designs, details, menus and more. They’re always innovating, but also always intent on contributing to this community (in their hometown!) through their work.

    Learn more about RSVP and Farmer’s Daughters here, and book a room at the Sacajawea here.

    Why movement matters to Hillary and Haylee:

    “Movement is a way for me to restore and find balance in my life. It’s a way for me to connect with my mind and body. It’s the best form of medicine.” – Hillary

    “Movement is when I feel most alive. I can feel my heart pumping, my muscles burning, and it makes me so grateful to have another day here on earth.” – Haylee





  • Women of Zephyr: The Pioneers

    As a woman-owned business, we respect and admire the women around us who work tirelessly to contribute to and strengthen our community, which is why, to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we’ll spotlight a different group of women each week who support Zephyr through their presence on the bike as well as our broader community through the businesses they’ve created. This week, we celebrate the Pioneers – those taking the road less traveled to create businesses that bring us more alive in our bodies, hearts and minds.

    Sheryl Ott, Dare to Detour

    Sheryl created Dare to Detour, a company that holds events that provide women with tools and support to cultivate strength, resilience, community and creativity. Sheryl writes on Dare’s website: “By forcing you to step off your daily path, slow down, pause, consider, reframe and redirect, detours demand that you open yourself to possibility and to trust in a new direction, often revealing new and beautiful scenery along the way.”

    Sheryl is also a passionate connector of human hearts and revels in creating community with and supporting those around her. Honest, funny, curious and smart, we love Sheryl’s energy and presence at Zephyr and beyond.

    Learn more about Dare to Detour here.

    Why movement matters to Sheryl:

    “Having recently emerged on the other side of a breast cancer journey, I can’t emphasize enough how important movement is to me.  Movement has kept me sane during some of the darkest times, helping to heal my mind, body and soul.  Taking a class at Zephyr – that takes movement to a whole other level!  I am truly grateful for my healthy, cancer-free body and being able to move it on a bike surrounded by like-hearted humans at Zephyr.”


    Kristen Neithercut

    Kristen is an outdoor adventuress extraordinaire who delights in leading women on mountain biking, rock climbing, ice climbing and skiing (both inbounds and back country) explorations. She’s a risk taker who stops at nothing to show up for herself and her friends (one of our favorite examples: she works at the Rialto and helped us connect with her boss over the crazy idea of us moving in for the winter!). She’s working on creating a brand new company that will intertwine her passion to connect and teach others with her love and belief in the transformative experience of movement. Stay tuned and follow along with Kristen here.

    Why movement matters to Kristen:

    “Movement means connection; to the breath, to self, to community, and to momma earth. I think movement is the vessel that helps us tap into our one-ness. It has a way of breaking down barriers and increasing our capacity for vulnerability. I really believe spaces that create a safe space for movement/community/vulnerability/connection are what we need now more than ever!”


    Cassie Jackson, Suffer Out Loud

    Cassie is the founder of Suffer Out Loud, a non-profit committed to reducing Montana suicide rates and shifting the stigma around mental health, one conversation — and one life — at a time. Suffer Out Loud supports communities across Montana by connecting individuals to much-needed support (they even subsidize counseling sessions!) and work to shift the narrative surrounding mental health.

    Cassie’s authenticity shines through the moment you meet her, and her deeply empathetic, kind and open-hearted character strengthens our community daily.

    Learn more about Suffer Out Loud here.

    Why movement matters to Cassie:

    “Movement is my opportunity to disconnect from all of the daily distractions and reconnect with myself and my purpose. The fast pace and loud music at Zephyr is the best way to get out of my head and into my body.”


    Cass Wendell & Taylor Hook, #GIRLGETAFTERIT // Kimmie Geer & Cayli Slette, ski like a girl.


    Cass Wendell and Kimmie Geer are best friends whose businesses collaborate with and support one another on the regular, so we thought it made sense to feature them together!

    Cass is the founder of #GIRLGETAFTERIT, an online and in-person community bringing womxn together through sweatworking events and gear that gives back. Comm

    unity builders at heart, Cass and her intern Taylor take a holistic, all-encompassing approach to wellness and believes in the power of community to change lives – and the world. Learn more about #GIRLGETAFTERIT here.

    Kimmie is the founder of ski like a girl. – a community encouraging girls to get out on the mountain. A talented graphic designer, Kimmie created the first ski like a girl. logo for Heyday several years ago, and the brand and community grew from there. She and her intern Cayli (who you may recognize as being a Zephyr front desk rockstar!) host events, create swag, and connect womxn virtually and on the slopes in hopes of making ski like a girl. an organization that will impact those who haven’t had the chance to experience the life-changing freedom of moving in the mountains. Join the adventure here.

    We’re grateful for the ways in which both of these businesses create innovative communities and spaces that allow those who are part of them to show up fully as themselves – demonstrating the impact that choosing open dialogue and inclusivity over judgment and critique can have on communities everywhere.

    Why movement matters to this tight-knit crew:

    “Movement is so much more than physical health. It’s about syncing your mind to your body, your breath to your heart, and your energy to your existence. It’s not always good, nor is it always easy – but it’s exactly why we’ve been given this life to live. By moving through uncomfortable moments, workout

    s or conversations, we gain so much more.” – Cass Wendell

    “Movement, to me, is freedom. Freedom to dance in my room, ski on epic powder days, and cycle my booty off at Zephyr! Freedom to live my life fully!” – Taylor Hook

    “Movement is a way that I can express myself physically and mentally, without any judgement. Any activity that brings me to my movement helps me create a stronger foundation for my body. I am truly thankful to be able to move my mind and body.” – Cayli Slette


    Shannon Waters, Gastro Gnome

    Talk about a game-changer. Shannon founded Gastro Gnome, an outdoor eating company that uses only the best ingredients to create meals that are meant to be enjoyed on any adventure but are good enough to eat right at home (trust us, we’ve done it!). Gastro Gnome makes every single one of its packaged meals locally in their Bozeman kitchen – how incredible is that?! Their meals are not only mouth-wateringly good – they also nourish your body so that you can thank it for showing up for you in the mountains and beyond.

    Shannon’s commitment to her product and the mountains (rivers, too), passion for upending the status quo, and expertise in the kitchen astounds us daily.

    Learn more about and order Gastro Gnome here.

    Why movement matters to Shannon:

    “Movement is the physical expression of how freaking alive I feel! Without it, that expression is stunted and the feeling of ‘alive’ is muted. To move is to live, even the smallest movement, ones even other can’t see, gives me gratitude for life.”




  • An update and thank you from our owner

    When we closed our doors just more than six months ago, I thought that doing so was absolutely the most unexpected event that could or would ever happen in the life and story of Zephyr.

    But then the next six months happened, and our community showed up for our studio in unprecedented ways that I never could have imagined. Instructors didn’t skip a beat (literally) while transitioning from teaching in a room full of riders to creating classes in front of just a single camera. Other staff became an ad hoc film and tech crew and worked so hard to make our digital experience one of which we are so proud today – all while keeping the studio safe, clean and ready for when we could reopen. And you, our clients? From showing up hundreds strong for our first live stream Force class to keeping memberships unfrozen while we were closed to renting all of our bikes in a matter of hours to showing up for us on our third birthday to sending seemingly countless messages of encouragement just when we needed them most – those things, to me, are some of the greatest gifts Zephyr has ever received.

    And now we find ourselves in September, after a summer in which Zephyr’s clients and staff have continued to adapt and grow with the studio as we navigate the unknown day after day, one pedal stroke at a time. I cannot overstate the gratitude I feel for a community that shows up no matter what – inside or out, rain or (hot!) shine, smoke or clear skies, with masks, headphones, and whole, present hearts – ready to support themselves, each other and Zephyr. Thank you.

    We are a Montana born and raised studio, so we know how to roll with changes in weather, temperature, daylight and more, and we will continue to make decisions with care and grit to ensure that the Zephyr experience stays safe for all as we enter a new season. My team and I think and feel our way carefully and honestly through each decision we make, and you’ll always be the first to know should anything change at the studio (although we try our best not to overwhelm your inbox, and we do strongly encourage you to follow/like us on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates – but you’ll also hear via email from us about any major changes).

    Under Montana’s Phase 2 guidelines and as we did in June before we voluntarily moved classes outdoors, we are able to conduct indoor-only classes, but we will continue to hold as many outdoor classes as possible throughout the fall. Our dedicated 5:30 a.m. crew has already moved inside and 7 a.m. classes will move inside effective October 1. Other than that, we’ll ride with the light as much as we can, so make sure you bring layers that you can remove as you warm up or book an indoor bike if you’d prefer to ride inside – thanks to our Bluetooth headphones, riding in the studio room is always an option. Should a class move indoors due to weather, you’ll always be informed via email and given the option to cancel without penalty. When you do arrive at the studio, make sure you check in at the front desk regardless of whether it’s your first or your 100th class – it really helps our staff keep things running smoothly.

    Finally, I’d like to thank Team Z for all they do to keep us safe, sweaty and healthy. Our doors would not be open without the instructors who’ve adapted endlessly to new teaching environments, the staff who keep our studio spotless in accordance with state and federal standards (not to mention my own, which are even more stringent in some ways!), and the combined team effort to provide us all with an experience that keeps us coming back for more, no matter the weather.

    As always, you can reach me directly at carolyn@zephyrcyclingstudio.com anytime.

    See you at Z,


  • Our community is comprised of quite a few beautiful mamas-to-be who take classes on a regular basis. They have welcomed Zephyr into their pregnancy journey, and we are so grateful to be a part of the magic. indoor cycling while pregnant

    Pregnancy is such an exciting time in your life. With it comes many milestones, memories, and experiences, as well as a lot of change. This can be especially true for your health and fitness routine while expecting a little one.

    Everyone’s pregnancy journey is different. So, we asked three expecting riders to share a little bit about their journey and why they turn to movement to help them navigate the experiences that come with being pregnant.

    Get ready to fall in love with each of their stories below. Enjoy!



    Due February 19
    Expecting a little boy 💙 

    What brought you to Zephyr?

    I’m a SoulCycle enthusiast. After moving to Bozeman, I came to Zephyr looking to find a local spot for cardio with a solid beat. Although the search for a local SoulCycle got me in the door, the Zephyr experience got me to stay. Each Zephyr instructor has a unique style that is always fresh, never boring, and guaranteed to energize me before I start my day or help me decompress after work.

    How has movement played a part in your pregnancy journey – mentally, physically, emotionally?

    As someone who grew up doing gymnastics and has continued to lead a very active lifestyle, the inevitable restrictions pregnancy places on movement have been very mentally and emotionally challenging as I have had to heavily modify or completely cut out most of the activities I love (shout out to everyone skiing the ridge right now!). Regardless, movement is the one thing throughout this pregnancy that makes me feel most like myself. Seriously, God bless bikes that don’t go anywhere. No other earthly object is intense enough to prepare your whole body for the ridge run and low impact enough (into the third trimester!) to strengthen your pelvic floor for delivering a baby. Although movement is imperative to my mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy pregnancy, my daily priority is to conserve enough energy for this perfect little peanut to continue his healthy development. Zephyr classes have proven to be an excellent low impact workout where I can strengthen my whole core in preparation for delivery and recovery and can tone it back when I need to, all while getting my sweat on!

    How has the Zephyr community helped you along the way? 

    From training for the ridge run to maintaining a healthy pregnancy, the completely welcoming and judgment-free environment at Zephyr has given me the perfect amount of support to find my limits (which currently change daily) without any pressure to push myself beyond those limits.

    Advice for expecting moms:

    Every pregnancy is unique, beautiful, and different. If your pregnancy journey leads you to Zephyr, keep your second position low (read: in first position) and your handlebars high 😉



    Due March 11
    Expecting a little boy 💙

    What brought you to Zephyr?

    I started Zephyr pre-pregnancy for a good workout, and this magical place has become more than just a workout. I use it as time to clear my head and reset my intentions. This group has been a huge part of my pregnancy, Zephyr has helped keep me sane.

    How has movement played a part in your pregnancy journey – mentally, physically, emotionally?

    I try to move my body every day during pregnancy, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. This is my second pregnancy; my first delivery went smooth and I contribute that to taking care of myself during those 9 months.

    Advice for expecting moms:

    My advice to expecting moms is to take care of yourself while pregnant. It will make all the difference during labor and post baby. Use this time to embrace self-care. Ask for help, we have an amazing community in Bozeman to assist during pregnancy and after. AND sleep as much as you can now.



    Due April 19
    Expecting a little boy 💙

    What brought you to Zephyr?

    Becoming an instructor! Carolyn and I connected through our waxer (but really, it’s true!) and I knew I wanted to be a cycling instructor and that’s how it all happened.

    How has movement played a part in your pregnancy journey – mentally, physically, emotionally?

    It’s been a HUGE part of my pregnancy journey. I really don’t know what I would do without it. My first trimester was rough, like sick all day rough. Each day I would walk in these doors, it allowed me to feel something different other than sickness. It was like for 50 minutes; my lungs would feel on fire or my legs would burn but it felt SO GOOD! It also helped me realized how amazing my body truly was. It is growing a human, making room for life but at the same time, still able to work. It blows my mind every single day! Emotionally, I have probably cried every single class I have taken during my pregnancy. This is truly a journey, with it being my first pregnancy I really didn’t know what to expect. I have been happy, I have been sad, ALL of the emotions and getting on the bike and feeling the music and listening to the instructor brings out those emotions I didn’t know I was holding back that clearly needed to come out. There was a quote I heard that say, “if I didn’t ride my bike, I would lose my mind” and that’s exactly how I feel.

    How has the Zephyr community helped you along the way?

    Gosh, the people here are INCREDIBLE! Every time I come in, someone asks me “how are you doing?” or how are you feeling?”. Just asking that means so much and means that they are thinking about me. I have received so much love, support and advice and I hope everyone knows how much it means to me. It has been so much fun to share this journey with my riders. I am 100% convinced that I will go into labor during a class I am teaching so STAY TUNED.

    Advice for expecting moms:

    Move your BODY! Even when you feel like it is truly the last thing you want to do. Trust me, most days I just want to sit on my couch and watch New Girl and eat Eggo waffles but it is so important to take 30 or 50 minutes to just move. It will change your entire mood and really allow you to check into this amazing body even more. And, be kind to yourself when you do get on the saddle. If you have to turn off your center console and just ride, do that. Just get that sweat flowing and heart pumpin’ and that’s all you will need!


    As you can see, pregnancy can look different for everyone. We encourage you to give yourself grace during this exciting time in your life, and if you need a little movement along the way — we’re always here to help.