Women of Zephyr: The Pioneers

As a woman-owned business, we respect and admire the women around us who work tirelessly to contribute to and strengthen our community, which is why, to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we’ll spotlight a different group of women each week who support Zephyr through their presence on the bike as well as our broader community through the businesses they’ve created. This week, we celebrate the Pioneers – those taking the road less traveled to create businesses that bring us more alive in our bodies, hearts and minds.

Sheryl Ott, Dare to Detour

Sheryl created Dare to Detour, a company that holds events that provide women with tools and support to cultivate strength, resilience, community and creativity. Sheryl writes on Dare’s website: “By forcing you to step off your daily path, slow down, pause, consider, reframe and redirect, detours demand that you open yourself to possibility and to trust in a new direction, often revealing new and beautiful scenery along the way.”

Sheryl is also a passionate connector of human hearts and revels in creating community with and supporting those around her. Honest, funny, curious and smart, we love Sheryl’s energy and presence at Zephyr and beyond.

Learn more about Dare to Detour here.

Why movement matters to Sheryl:

“Having recently emerged on the other side of a breast cancer journey, I can’t emphasize enough how important movement is to me.  Movement has kept me sane during some of the darkest times, helping to heal my mind, body and soul.  Taking a class at Zephyr – that takes movement to a whole other level!  I am truly grateful for my healthy, cancer-free body and being able to move it on a bike surrounded by like-hearted humans at Zephyr.”


Kristen Neithercut

Kristen is an outdoor adventuress extraordinaire who delights in leading women on mountain biking, rock climbing, ice climbing and skiing (both inbounds and back country) explorations. She’s a risk taker who stops at nothing to show up for herself and her friends (one of our favorite examples: she works at the Rialto and helped us connect with her boss over the crazy idea of us moving in for the winter!). She’s working on creating a brand new company that will intertwine her passion to connect and teach others with her love and belief in the transformative experience of movement. Stay tuned and follow along with Kristen here.

Why movement matters to Kristen:

“Movement means connection; to the breath, to self, to community, and to momma earth. I think movement is the vessel that helps us tap into our one-ness. It has a way of breaking down barriers and increasing our capacity for vulnerability. I really believe spaces that create a safe space for movement/community/vulnerability/connection are what we need now more than ever!”


Cassie Jackson, Suffer Out Loud

Cassie is the founder of Suffer Out Loud, a non-profit committed to reducing Montana suicide rates and shifting the stigma around mental health, one conversation — and one life — at a time. Suffer Out Loud supports communities across Montana by connecting individuals to much-needed support (they even subsidize counseling sessions!) and work to shift the narrative surrounding mental health.

Cassie’s authenticity shines through the moment you meet her, and her deeply empathetic, kind and open-hearted character strengthens our community daily.

Learn more about Suffer Out Loud here.

Why movement matters to Cassie:

“Movement is my opportunity to disconnect from all of the daily distractions and reconnect with myself and my purpose. The fast pace and loud music at Zephyr is the best way to get out of my head and into my body.”


Cass Wendell & Taylor Hook, #GIRLGETAFTERIT // Kimmie Geer & Cayli Slette, ski like a girl.


Cass Wendell and Kimmie Geer are best friends whose businesses collaborate with and support one another on the regular, so we thought it made sense to feature them together!

Cass is the founder of #GIRLGETAFTERIT, an online and in-person community bringing womxn together through sweatworking events and gear that gives back. Comm

unity builders at heart, Cass and her intern Taylor take a holistic, all-encompassing approach to wellness and believes in the power of community to change lives – and the world. Learn more about #GIRLGETAFTERIT here.

Kimmie is the founder of ski like a girl. – a community encouraging girls to get out on the mountain. A talented graphic designer, Kimmie created the first ski like a girl. logo for Heyday several years ago, and the brand and community grew from there. She and her intern Cayli (who you may recognize as being a Zephyr front desk rockstar!) host events, create swag, and connect womxn virtually and on the slopes in hopes of making ski like a girl. an organization that will impact those who haven’t had the chance to experience the life-changing freedom of moving in the mountains. Join the adventure here.

We’re grateful for the ways in which both of these businesses create innovative communities and spaces that allow those who are part of them to show up fully as themselves – demonstrating the impact that choosing open dialogue and inclusivity over judgment and critique can have on communities everywhere.

Why movement matters to this tight-knit crew:

“Movement is so much more than physical health. It’s about syncing your mind to your body, your breath to your heart, and your energy to your existence. It’s not always good, nor is it always easy – but it’s exactly why we’ve been given this life to live. By moving through uncomfortable moments, workout

s or conversations, we gain so much more.” – Cass Wendell

“Movement, to me, is freedom. Freedom to dance in my room, ski on epic powder days, and cycle my booty off at Zephyr! Freedom to live my life fully!” – Taylor Hook

“Movement is a way that I can express myself physically and mentally, without any judgement. Any activity that brings me to my movement helps me create a stronger foundation for my body. I am truly thankful to be able to move my mind and body.” – Cayli Slette


Shannon Waters, Gastro Gnome

Talk about a game-changer. Shannon founded Gastro Gnome, an outdoor eating company that uses only the best ingredients to create meals that are meant to be enjoyed on any adventure but are good enough to eat right at home (trust us, we’ve done it!). Gastro Gnome makes every single one of its packaged meals locally in their Bozeman kitchen – how incredible is that?! Their meals are not only mouth-wateringly good – they also nourish your body so that you can thank it for showing up for you in the mountains and beyond.

Shannon’s commitment to her product and the mountains (rivers, too), passion for upending the status quo, and expertise in the kitchen astounds us daily.

Learn more about and order Gastro Gnome here.

Why movement matters to Shannon:

“Movement is the physical expression of how freaking alive I feel! Without it, that expression is stunted and the feeling of ‘alive’ is muted. To move is to live, even the smallest movement, ones even other can’t see, gives me gratitude for life.”