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Your best is yet to come.

Zephyr is a Bozeman, Montana, rhythm-based cycling studio – a community that moves together.

Let sweat remind you what a force of nature you truly are.

Let song remind you that you’re always part of something bigger.

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Spin your wheels in an upward spiral.

Rhythm-based cycling classes set your spirit loose on top-shelf custom bikes —
cover so much ground while moving in place.

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Ground your energy, find your center.

Mat-based classes bring you back to powerful basics —
essential movement that builds your resilience.

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We move together.

Not at the same speed. Not at the same intensity. Not on the same journeys. But, together. Supported, and supporting, the growth of each person, and our collective ability to do good. 

Practice makes progress.

Zephyr means a wind from the West. Like the wind, we can’t see our own power—
but we witness the impact of it—sweeping out the old, and breathing in the new.

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Find us:

2000 S 3rd Ave. Unit B / Bozeman, MT 59715