Women of Zephyr: Dynamic Duos

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As a woman-owned business, we respect and admire the women around us who work to contribute to and strengthen our community, which is why, to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we’ll spotlight a different group of women each week who support Zephyr through their presence on the bike as well as our broader community through the businesses they’ve created. This week we honor Dynamic Duos, women who work together to positively impact our community and world in myriad ways.


Amy Millikan & Alicia Singer, Millikan Consulting

With some of the brightest smiles, personalities and minds we know, Alicia and Amy co-own Millikan Consulting, through which they and their incredible team provide effective, holistic consultation to support their clients’ marketing and sales operations.

Not only are they absolutely incredible at what they do, they’ve created a company that prioritizes teamwork, respect for themselves, each other and their clients, and dare we say – fun?! From what we can tell, they’ve turned the phrase “work/life balance” on its head because they know that life doesn’t stop when you come to work – and they strive to ensure that the work their team allows them to live bigger.

Learn more about Millikan Consulting here.

Why movement matters to Alicia and Amy:

“One of our recent weekly prompts with our team was ‘What is your best method to relieve stress for work and in personal life?’ While everyone’s answers were different, one theme across our whole team was the power and importance of movement. A space to regroup, recenter, breathe, reset. We built Millikan Consulting on a platform of creating jobs that empower the whole human – mind, body, soul. It is never lost on us how accessible recreation (indoor and outdoor) is to us in Bozeman and we continually prioritize walking away from our desks and integrating movement (spinning, hiking, yoga, pilates, skiing, hockey) in our day-to-day, with the result being a happier, healthier, and more productive team.”


Elise Surma & Claire Surma, Garage Clay

Elise and Claire are a sister-in-law duo who own Garage Clay, through which they make the world of pottery and ceramics more accessible to all through the clay, tools and kits they sell as well as the lessons they offer.

Many of our team members have taken lessons from Elise and Claire, and we’re constantly amazed by how they truly make the process of working with clay so much fun, even for beginners. Plus, their group lessons foster a sense of community through that elevates the experience. Plus, we love that they invite us to move our bodies in an entirely different way than we do on the bike – but in a way that still allows us to access our heart space in the process of creating. Learn more about Garage Clay here.

Why movement matters to Elise and Claire:

“To us, movement means being aware of your strength + fully present in your body.”


Harriet Chase & Sage Chase, PKT

Harriet and Sage have been part of the Zephyr family for a long time now, and we couldn’t be more grateful that they’re part of our community. Their family created PKT –  a clean, all-natural, dissolvable daily multivitamin that comes in single serving packets – initially as a way to help nourish Sage, who received a Crohn’s disease diagnosis as a child. PKT (which we love dissolving in our water bottles a Zephyr class) allows our bodies to receive their daily dose of vitamins in one simple (not to mention delicious) dose.

We’re grateful for PKT’s focus on making wellness accessible and straightforward – and appreciate that at its roots is a family who supports each other and wholeheartedly believes in creating health solutions that allow all of us to live more fully.

Learn more about PKT here.

Why movement matters to Harriet and Sage:

“Physical movement is a gift never to be taken for granted. The ability to move freely in the form of travel is a gift. The ability to dance is a gift. The ability to lift a child or play with a beloved pet is a gift. Movement in the form of exercise is a gift, allowing the mind to open and welcome creativity and inspiration that otherwise would never come. Movement brings change to inequities in the form of marching and holding signs. Women would not be the leaders they are today without movement. We will continue to move by resisting when we need to and jumping up and down celebrating each and every win… together.”


Alaina Perez (Petite Parlour, Ceremony, The Loft) & Kirsten Dye (Ceremony, The Loft)

We initially met Alaina and Kirsten because several of us are clients of theirs at the Loft Spa on Main Street. Alaina’s a magician with all things hair-related, and Kirsten’s facials are legendary. They also happen to be close friends who came together to create Ceremony, through which they team up to not only style clients’ hair and makeup for big events, but to also give them a dreamy, inspirational self care experience. On top of that, Alaina owns Petite Parlour, through which she is renovating an airstream named Pearl so that she can be used at weddings, parties – any event, really – to transform the entire event through beautiful energy, amenities and vibes.

We’re amazed by the way these two continue to find innovative ways to bring us more alive through the spaces and experiences they create and the services they offer. Their focus on making life in our bodies and hearts feel GOOD is something with which we wholeheartedly agree.

Learn more about Petite Parlour here. Learn more about Ceremony here. Book with Alaina and Kirsten at the Loft here.

Why movement matters to Alaina and Kirsten:

“Being able to move my body is such a gift…It literally frees my mind! After a Zephyr class, I leave with a new perspective of possibilities and my mind and heart are just right!” – Alaina

“Movement to me is the opportunity to expand our mental well-being and connections to ourselves and others.” – Kirsten


Aubrey Wall & Julia Burnham

These two incredibly courageous women created the podcast Bodies in Motion, through which they unearth truths about eating disorders, disordered eating and diet culture in sport through conversational interviews with athletes, coaches, and anti-diet advocates. Julia and Aubrey are honest, authentic and genuine-hearted when it comes to everything they discuss, and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable with themselves, each other and their audience.

We honor the fact that they allow themselves and others to heal by creating a safe space to discuss difficult subjects – all the while continuing to keep the lines of communication open regarding ways in which we can all feel more at home in our bodies.

Learn more and listen to Bodies in Motion here.

Why movement matters to Aubrey and Julia:

“It hasn’t always been this way, but movement, to us, is a way to experience joy. It’s a way to get out of our heads and into our bodies where we can feel, experience and love in ways that we can’t when we’re stuck in one place. Movement creates space to find and nurture community, to challenge ourselves and to check ourselves to ensure we are making decisions that honor our bodies, our energy and our mental health without expectation or judgement.”