Spotlight rider: Paige Reddan✨

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We are thrilled to spotlight long-time Zephyr rider Paige Reddan, a woman who inspires us daily, during March – National Nutrition Month. Paige provides individual nutrition counseling using a positive approach through health empowerment, and we are so grateful for all she contributes to this community and the humans who inhabit it. Read more about what Zephyr means to her below, and learn more about her business here.


What brought you into Zephyr?

My daughter kept telling me how much she loved spinning and wanted me to try it. I consider myself a very active adult but spinning intimidated the heck out of me! She bought me a Zephyr Pass for Christmas which forced my hand. We went together that first time and I realized “Hey! I can do this!”. I was hooked.

How has Zephyr helped you in your hardest times?

As a mature woman, I have had my fair share of hard times. There are days I wish I had found Zephyr 30 years ago. Its not just the spinning, its the energy the instructors give towards finding space for grace in ourselves, setting intentions, recognizing our strengths both in body and mind. Women today are really waking up to their full potential and it begins with how we see and treat ourselves. To be challenged in movement while hearing inspirational messages is a powerful combination. My professional work is hard and intense, knowing I have Zephyr in my day helps me get centered to go back at it again.

How has Zephyr changed your outlook on cardio?

I swim and run and spin. Nothing compares to the workout I get when I cycle.. Ending my cycling workout dripping wet tells me my heart, body and brain got the best cardio workout yet.

How has Zephyr improved your mindset on both fitness & non-fitness related goals?

I look forward to coming to Zephyr every single time. I can’t always say I feel that way about my other workouts every single time! That ability to look forward to a body and mind workout at the end of my day on the bike helps me stay focused on the joy of setting other goals in my life, be it painting the bathroom or deciding to train for a 25K next fall.

How does the Z community make you feel at home?

It’s been said that there is no sweeter sound than the sound of our name. At Zephyr your team has made an effort to see me, recognize me and say my name. That means a lot. Especially at the end of a hard day when I have given so much of myself to others, I appreciate being seen.