Women of Zephyr: The Creators

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As a woman-owned business, we respect and admire the women around us who work to contribute to and strengthen our community, which is why, to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we’ll spotlight a different group of women each week who support Zephyr through their presence on the bike as well as our broader community through the businesses they’ve created. This week we honor the Creators – artists who bring more beauty, awareness, creativity and heart into the world through their work. 


Sumner Anacker, Sumshine Handmade

Sumner is not only a Zephyr original, she’s also a talented artist who channels her creativity to make the world a brighter place. Through Sumshine Handmade, she designs and paints cards for every holiday, wedding, friendship and beyond. She can custom make just about anything you can imagine, and works with you to ensure that the cards she creates embody the sentiment you’re hoping to express.

Sumner’s also a ray of pure light and her presence at the studio makes us smile every time she walks in the door!

Learn more about Sumshine Handmade (and place a custom order!) here.

Why movement matters to Sumner:

“Movement to me is a powerful and therapeutic time to myself. Zephyr is a scheduled time in my day that I commit to myself, my emotions, and my well-being. Movement makes me feel alive and empowered – and for that, I am forever grateful.”


Shawna McConnnell, Shawna Kaycee Photography

You may recognize Shawna as a former Zephyr front desk team member (we miss her behind that ticket booth every day!), but she’s also a talented lifestyle photographer who is “wholeheartedly in love with love stories”. It’s immediately apparent just how much each of her subjects – whether it be a business owner, mother, child, family, bride, groom – trusts her to tell their story, as well as how much she cares about making them feel seen.

Shawna also works fellow Zephyr babe Sue Stark on floral creations for the Wild Blume, featured last week.

Compassion, intention, thoughtfulness and kindness abound in Shawna (rumor has it, she’s about the only one Carolyn will let dog sit studio pups Andy & Lua!).  Learn more about Shawna’s work here.

Why movement matters to Shawna:

“Movement is something I strive to create, whether it be with photography or flowers. I believe movement reminds us that we are going forward towards greater things. Movement is created by passion and the drive to work towards bigger and better experiences, this is something I aim for every day!”


Jesine Munson, Artist & Academic

Jesine is an artist, teacher, dog lover, passionate advocate for human rights, and PhD in American Studies candidate at MSU  – to name a few of her many talents. She specializes in custom pet portraiture, and has a beautiful knack for capturing the essence of animals through her bright, soulful paintings.

Jesine’s courage, spiritedness, and love for what she does continually brings us joy and enlightenment, and we are so grateful she shares her heart with Zephyr.

Learn more about Jesine here.

Why movement matters to Jesine:

“Movement is everything. It’s coming home to myself, into my body – out of my head. It’s expression, it’s release, it’s honoring, self-loving, and it’s necessary and magnificent for my soul.”


Lauren Woods, Hustle & Throw Studio / Inner Alchemy Shop

What can’t Lauren do?! A talented ceramicist, chances are you’ve seen Lauren’s work many places around town – and she’s now taken it next level by opening her own clay studio and shop, Inner Alchemy, which features local and American-made wares, ceramics made in house, print & original art work. She also offers private, one off, personal & group clay lessons.

Lauren’s work is an expression of her heart – creative, innovative, spiritual, kind, and real. Her authenticity shines through in all she does, and we’re grateful for the ways in which she makes this world a more magical place. Learn more about Lauren, her work and her shop here.

Why movement matters to Lauren:

“Movement to me is about creating space within to cultivate freedom externally so that I can continuously show up authentically for myself and those around me.”

“Do not break to break down, break to break open” – Danielle Doby


Kelsey Thrush, Digital Designer/Creator

We could sing Kelsey’s praises all day LONG! An incredibly talented designer, purveyor of beauty, and photographer, Kelsey’s taste is impeccable her and style out of this world. She’s also one of the kindest humans we know, and her sweet smile lights up any room she enters. She also helps grow and maintain Zephyr’s online brand presence by designing our emails and taking some of our favorite photos (like the ones featured in this series!). She’s the tops, and we’re so happy to know her!

Learn more about Kelsey’s work here.

Why movement matters to Kelsey:

“Movement to me means being present. It’s a time where I am able to leave distractions, worries and anything else weighing down on me at the door and simply be.”


Andrea Schaub, FreeStone Designs

Andrea and her husband Mike founded FreeStone Designs because they “wanted to create comfortable and meaningful pieces for you to bring on any adventure.” And their products – which range from tanks and tees to custom tie-dye (yes, custom tie-dye!) sweatshirts – do not disappoint. The pieces they create become cozy staples in the closets of those who purchase them (we speak from experience!), and we love the intention behind their work – to allow people to be their freest and most adventurous while wearing their apparel. Adventure, ON.

Shop FreeStone Designs here.

Why movement matters to Andrea:

“Movement to me means FUN! It makes me feel happy, alive, connected, and is something I look forward to every day. No matter if it’s a dog walk, a Zephyr class, or a run around the neighborhood, I know that I need movement every day to keep both my mind and body in check. Thanks Zephyr for always bringing the great tunes and providing an incredible place for me to move!”