Women of Zephyr: The Cultivators

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As a woman-owned business, we respect and admire the women around us who work to contribute to and strengthen our community, which is why, to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we’ll spotlight a different group of women each week who support Zephyr through their presence on the bike as well as our broader community through the businesses they’ve created. This week we honor the Cultivators – those who create and curate spaces, art, experiences and ideas that cultivate community, elevate mindsets, and make the world a more beautiful, compassionate place.


Sarah Sloan, The Refillery

Sarah founded the Refillery to connect the Bozeman community with sustainable products while simultaneously reducing the use of disposable containers and single-use plastics by creating opportunities to fill reusable containers up with quality goods ranging from  laundry detergent pods (that actually work, really!) to hand soap to the BEST smelling shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Sarah’s focus on sustainability and creating a service that’s not only good for humans but also good for the planet impresses us daily and we appreciate how she gently and compassionately makes us more aware of our impact on the earth – and helps us lessen our footprint. We love that she  began making a difference right where she could – in Bozeman – but we have a hunch that her impact will ultimately reach far beyond our community.

Learn more about The Refillery here (and sign up to get refilling while you’re at it!).


Why movement matters to Sarah:

“Movement means enjoying this incredible landscape. Movement means my happy place (fully jamming out at Zephyr). Movement keeps me SANE!”


Sue Stark, The Wild Blume

Sue Stark is the founder and owner of the one and only Wild Blume, a floral design studio that brings the wild of Montana and the world into our lives and homes through artfully designed and seasonally sourced arrangements, installations (if you’ve noticed the moon installation above the water fountain at Zephyr, you’ve seen her work!), wreaths, table settings and more.

Sue’s thoughtfulness, kindness and creativity seemingly know no bounds, and we love that she brings her community along for the adventure through the workshops she leads and the partnerships she fosters. Plus, when a creation of hers graces your home or business, everything surrounding it – including you – feels lighter, freer, better. Learn more about the Wild Blume here.

Why movement matters to Sue:

“Movement means: Coming home, working through, expanding, awakening, grace, gratitude, fun…. Life.”


Ellie Southworth, Genuine Ice Cream

Ellie is the owner of Genuine Ice Cream, serves small-batch, premium ice cream hand-made right here in Bozeman. Genuine’s flavors include everything from honey lavender to milk & cookies to peanut butter butterfinger and lemon sandwich cookie (Carolyn’s personal fave!) and not only do their flavors reflect that there’s something for everyone, but the feeling you get when you stand in line downtown (we think nothing of waiting in line on a Bozeman summer night!) or walk into their storefront on West Main is one of arriving at a business where you’ll be welcomed, no matter what (even if you want to try a million flavors – seriously! They’re cool with it).

Ellie leads with heart, grace and grit, and we admire what an open-minded and genuinely caring boss lady  she is to her staff. She cultivates community both through the products she creates and the leadership she demonstrates, and we’re so grateful for all she brings to Bozeman (our sweet teeth thank her too). Learn more about Genuine Ice Cream here.

Why movement matters to Ellie:

“Movement to me is freedom. Movement is not always forward, but it is always progress. I can count on movement to give me growth, confidence and resilience.”


Mallory Dabney, Heyday

Mallory is the owner of Heyday, a lifestyle boutique not only IN the heart of downtown Bozeman, but OF the heart of downtown Bozeman. Walking into Heyday feels like a breath of fresh air and a hug from a good friend all at once, and we dare you not to get lost in sensory heaven perusing their mindfully curated selection of gifts, self-care delights, cards, clothes and so much more.

Heyday is not your typical gift boutique, and Mallory and her team creatively and thoughtfully curate every corner of the store with products full of intention, heart and beauty. Mallory deeply values contributing to and educating our community and world through the designers and creators with whom Heyday partners and collaborates, and her perspective and intention inspire us always.

Learn more about Heyday (and get shopping!) here.

Why movement matters to Mallory:

“Movement in my life continues to evolve and change, it looks and feels different, but movement has always given me the inward space I need to (re)fuel my soul.”


Hillary Folkvord & Hayley Folkvord, RSVP Motel, Farmer’s Daughters Café & Sacajawea Hotel

Walk into any hotel or restaurant owned by Hillary and Haylee Folkvord and you’ll notice immediately that you’ve walked into an experience. We at Zephyr have been frequenting Farmer’s Daughters, their eatery connected to RSVP Motel, since it opened for many reasons – they built the menu to include fresh, local, healthy, delicious food that makes you feel good, and the design of the space itself invites you to sit and stay awhile.

Hillary and Haylee themselves welcome you with genuine smiles and “How are you?”s, even though they’re just a little bit busy running three different businesses. We’re in awe of their ability to make guests and clients feel right at home while simultaneously creating elevated experiences through beautiful and carefully chosen and researched designs, details, menus and more. They’re always innovating, but also always intent on contributing to this community (in their hometown!) through their work.

Learn more about RSVP and Farmer’s Daughters here, and book a room at the Sacajawea here.

Why movement matters to Hillary and Haylee:

“Movement is a way for me to restore and find balance in my life. It’s a way for me to connect with my mind and body. It’s the best form of medicine.” – Hillary

“Movement is when I feel most alive. I can feel my heart pumping, my muscles burning, and it makes me so grateful to have another day here on earth.” – Haylee