An update and thank you from our owner

When we closed our doors just more than six months ago, I thought that doing so was absolutely the most unexpected event that could or would ever happen in the life and story of Zephyr.

But then the next six months happened, and our community showed up for our studio in unprecedented ways that I never could have imagined. Instructors didn’t skip a beat (literally) while transitioning from teaching in a room full of riders to creating classes in front of just a single camera. Other staff became an ad hoc film and tech crew and worked so hard to make our digital experience one of which we are so proud today – all while keeping the studio safe, clean and ready for when we could reopen. And you, our clients? From showing up hundreds strong for our first live stream Force class to keeping memberships unfrozen while we were closed to renting all of our bikes in a matter of hours to showing up for us on our third birthday to sending seemingly countless messages of encouragement just when we needed them most – those things, to me, are some of the greatest gifts Zephyr has ever received.

And now we find ourselves in September, after a summer in which Zephyr’s clients and staff have continued to adapt and grow with the studio as we navigate the unknown day after day, one pedal stroke at a time. I cannot overstate the gratitude I feel for a community that shows up no matter what – inside or out, rain or (hot!) shine, smoke or clear skies, with masks, headphones, and whole, present hearts – ready to support themselves, each other and Zephyr. Thank you.

We are a Montana born and raised studio, so we know how to roll with changes in weather, temperature, daylight and more, and we will continue to make decisions with care and grit to ensure that the Zephyr experience stays safe for all as we enter a new season. My team and I think and feel our way carefully and honestly through each decision we make, and you’ll always be the first to know should anything change at the studio (although we try our best not to overwhelm your inbox, and we do strongly encourage you to follow/like us on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates – but you’ll also hear via email from us about any major changes).

Under Montana’s Phase 2 guidelines and as we did in June before we voluntarily moved classes outdoors, we are able to conduct indoor-only classes, but we will continue to hold as many outdoor classes as possible throughout the fall. Our dedicated 5:30 a.m. crew has already moved inside and 7 a.m. classes will move inside effective October 1. Other than that, we’ll ride with the light as much as we can, so make sure you bring layers that you can remove as you warm up or book an indoor bike if you’d prefer to ride inside – thanks to our Bluetooth headphones, riding in the studio room is always an option. Should a class move indoors due to weather, you’ll always be informed via email and given the option to cancel without penalty. When you do arrive at the studio, make sure you check in at the front desk regardless of whether it’s your first or your 100th class – it really helps our staff keep things running smoothly.

Finally, I’d like to thank Team Z for all they do to keep us safe, sweaty and healthy. Our doors would not be open without the instructors who’ve adapted endlessly to new teaching environments, the staff who keep our studio spotless in accordance with state and federal standards (not to mention my own, which are even more stringent in some ways!), and the combined team effort to provide us all with an experience that keeps us coming back for more, no matter the weather.

As always, you can reach me directly at anytime.

See you at Z,