Rider Spotlight: Debbie Schenk



Debbie Schenk always arrives at the studio with a smile and a friendly word for anyone she encounters. She also just summited the Manitou Incline in Colorado – 2,768 steps to the top in one mile – with her sister, Renee! We thought that accomplishment was the perfect time to feature her as our newest spotlight reader. Read more about her and her Zephyr experience below. We love you, Debbie!

What brought you into Zephyr?

I know Carolyn and Kate (Carolyn’s mom). Kate “made me” go one time! Thank goodness!!!!!


How has Zephyr helped you in your hardest times?

Zephyr was my saving grace during the pandemic. It got me out of my house, kept me in shape and provided a safe and positive space to see others and know that ,together, we would all get through this trying time. I’m forever grateful.


How has Zephyr changed your outlook on cardio?

I’ve always enjoyed cardio but I can’t run much any more. Too hard on my knees. Zephyr is quick, I work up a sweat and I feel much stronger and more confident. I often times modify to my own level, in class & yet the class pushes me to do a bit more (sometimes A LOT more) than I would on my own. It’s for anyone and everyone!!!


How has Zephyr improved your mindset on both fitness & non-fitness related goals?

All those great affirmations and quotes and songs. So inspiring!!! I’ve laughed and cried and all the in-between. It moves my body & mind. It makes me think about some of the hard things. When I started it was SO HARD and I went once a week. Now I go 5-6 times a week and look forward to my time there. And……. I climbed 2768 steps at the Manitou Incline last week!!! I’d have never made it without Zephyr!!!


How does the Z community make you feel at home?

All those smiles. The people that work there make me feel like they truly care. From the front desk to the instructors on the stage, they are full of enthusiasm, encouragement and authentic kindness. And I’ve meant some super fun and interesting friends there too. Thanks Zephyr. Keep being you!!!!