Women of Zephyr: The Integrators

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As a woman-owned business, we respect and admire the women around us who work to contribute to and strengthen our community, which is why, to celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day in March, we’ll spotlight a different group of women each week who support Zephyr through their presence on the bike as well as our broader community through the businesses they’ve created. This week we honor the Integrators, women whose businesses and work help us integrate and align our minds, bodies and hearts so that all three can work together to allow us to live fully.


Nina Haarer, Complete Body Works

Fun fact about Nina: She’s Zephyr’s first official client, EVER! She was the first to sign up for our first 5:30 a.m. class when we opened, and hasn’t left our side since. When she’s not Zephyring, she’s giving otherworldly massages and facials at her business, Complete Body Works. As a licensed massage therapist and esthetician, she offers everything from orthopedic and medically prescribed massage to organic Hungarian facials and sugaring in a beautiful space that feels like home the minute you walk in – not least of all because she’s the one who greets you and makes you feel comfortable and at ease as soon as you arrive.

Nina has helped many Zephyr team and community members work through and recover from injury, tightness, skin issues and more. But what we love about her most is how you always feel brighter and better after spending time with her – either on her massage table or at the studio. She’s pure light, and we’re so grateful for her presence.

Learn more about and book with Nina here.

Why movement matters to Nina:

“Movement is connection: to myself and others and often both at the same time.


Devin Archilla, Deven Helen Boudoir

You KNOW we love this woman. You probably love her too, thanks to the heartfelt ass-kickings she hands out multiple times a week from the bike or the mat at Zephyr. Dev is also an incredibly authentic  boudoir photographer who bucks convention (and Photoshop) to capture women as their truest, realest, most beautiful selves. She calls the work she does “empowered boudoir”, which she says “celebrates the radiant beauty and the infinite worth of women. It’s inspired by the way we women can access a power that comes from a deep confidence in one’s value.” Can we get an Amen to THAT?!

We’re constantly in awe of her talent, her realness, and her mission to spread self love, respect, confidence and compassion through her work. She makes this world a better place by helping the women she photographs internalize the truth that they are beautiful, valuable and worthy of it all.

Learn more about and book with Dev here.

Why movement matters to Devin:

“Movement means gratitude. Movement means empowerment. In my life movement is moving forward and progressing towards various goals I have for myself. It is the act of not remaining stagnant or complacent, but rather moving forward in the journey of life for me to continually become my most powerful, genuine and truest self.


Amy Darr, Pure Barre

Amy, too, is a Zephyr original. She reached out to us before we even opened about collaborating with her business, Pure Barre, and that was our first taste of just how strong and openhearted this community is.

She owns Pure Barre Bozeman, which features four group class formats that deliver “total body barre workouts focused on low-impact, high-intensity movements that lift and tone muscles and improve strength, agility and flexibility for every body.” Not only are Pure Barre’s workouts burn-worthy, the space itself is gorgeous and full of retail we dare you not to buy when you visit. Amy herself inspires us always as a boss woman who knows how to get sh*t done, is constantly innovating her business, and leads with a strong heart. Not to mention – her style is out of this world and she loves dogs at least as much as we do, if not more (and that’s saying something!!).

Learn more Pure Barre and book a class here.

Why movement matters to Amy:

“Movement not only encompasses the act of moving but how you feel while you are. I am thankful to be able use movement to make both my body and mind stronger and so thankful for the community in which I get to move!”


Marissa Allen, Energy Healer

Marissa was Zephyr’s first employee – ever – and helped grow our little studio into a place full of life, heart, light and openness. She eventually vacated her job behind the front desk to focus on building her energy healing business, which was absolutely what she is meant to do.

Marissa calls herself “a passionate healer with an alternative approach.” While energy healing is something with which some of us may be unfamiliar, she makes it accessible, safe and comforting through her straightforward yet completely compassionate and soulful approach. Our hearts love Marissa because she’s helped us not only tune into them and what they have to say, but has also given us the courage to deeply listen, reflect and act upon what they have to say.

Learn more about and book with Marissa here.

Why movement matters to Marissa:

“Love is the essence of us all and when we love ourselves, and others, we start flowing with the movement of life. Movement frees our soul essence and eradicates the negative vibes and allows our true soul essence to shine through! Thus, Movement is Love!”


Whitney Sullivan, Leadership & Life Coach

We first met Whitney at Zephyr when she started coming to class right after our first birthday, in May of 2018. We’ve known her always as a strong, intelligent, infinitely capable human, so it was no surprise to us when she let us know she was beginning her own coaching business. She helps leaders develop their own “authentic leadership brand” through 1:1 coaching, team sessions and group retreats.

We know that Whitney’s energy, authenticity, and passion for leadership will benefit anyone who works with her, and we can’t wait to watch her business transform lives. She’s the real deal, and we feel so lucky knowing that she’s at Zephyr and creating impactful change within this community.

Learn more about and book with Whitney here.

Why movement matters to Whitney:

“Movement is my anchor when I’m not totally sure which direction life’s winds and waves will take me. When in doubt, I have movement to keep me calm, focused and energized to take on anything life may bring.”


Carolyn Williams, Zephyr Cycling Studio

Carolyn is the founder and owner of Zephyr. A Montana native, Carolyn’s love for music, movement, words and community created Zephyr’s foundation. Zephyr itself is more than a boutique cycling studio – it’s a community that moves together. Zephyr stands as a sanctuary for everyone to nurture their spirit and conviction, and our deepest aspiration is that people make the strides they need in the studio so they can unleash their best self on the world.

Book a class with Carolyn here.

Why movement matters to Carolyn:

“Movement renews me. It’s how I return home to myself, over and over again.”