• Goals are great—but waiting until January to start them might not be the best idea. why you should start setting goals now

    When it comes to setting goals you want to crush, whether it’s working out more, eating healthier, or getting more sleep, the new year always feels like the perfect opportunity to set a resolution and finally make it happen.

    But January 1 isn’t necessarily the fresh-start that we’ve built it up to be. When you make a decision to pursue a goal and take action based on a date rather than on your readiness, you may be setting yourself up for failure. And while there are countless studies about goal-setting, none suggest that waiting until January 1 is actually beneficial.

    Research found that in 2018, only 9.2 percent of people felt that they were successful in achieving their resolution. Even more disappointing? The 42.2 percent of people say they fail in achieving their resolution every single year.

    Many people wait until the new year to set goals because a new calendar year implies starting over with a clean slate. People look at the new year as a chance at a whole new life, and it is – but why can’t your new life start right now? Why not chase your goals starting this very second? Why wait?

    There are plenty of reasons why setting goals today is actually more beneficial than waiting until the new year to do so. Check out four reasons why below.


    There’s less pressure.

    When the new year rolls around and people start making the resolution to live life to the fullest, lose fifty pounds, get a new job, or travel the world, they put a lot of pressure on themselves. If you simply commit to living better each day and avoid using a holiday as a starting point, you can eliminate that added pressure. Make goal-setting and living a life you’re proud of a daily habit rather than a holiday trend.


    It helps you set goals that actually matter to you.

    When we reach the new year, we tend to hit the ground running. This rush of decisions often brings about rather ambitious goals. These ambitious goals can feel overwhelming and bring a lot of unwanted stress in the process.

    By starting now, you can use this extra time to really think about what you want to accomplish and set the goals that matter to you. This way you can get a jumpstart on the New Year and develop good habits on your own terms. Check out our blog post on habits here!


    You’re likely to set more realistic goals.

    If you have more time to think about what you really want to achieve rather than a resolution that sounds impressive, you will set more realistic goals for yourself. You will have a higher chance of sticking to your goals if you set them on your own terms. When you treat each day as a gift and a chance for a new beginning instead of waiting for that magical first day of the year, you will have more control over your life. You create your future every single day, and you don’t have to wait until January 1 to start.


    You can prove to yourself that you’re stronger than you think.

    Why wait to change your life? You can set goals and chase dreams every day when you get out of bed; you don’t need a calendar to tell you when you can do so. When you set a future date to start something, you invalidate the present moment. Right now, is as good a time as any to start something new, and you are more than capable of transforming your life today!


    Join us in setting goals for the remainder of the year by visiting this post on Instagram or swinging by the studio to write them on our community board. We can’t wait to watch you end this year strong!

  • Right now, we’re in a big seasonal transition as we head out of summer and straight into fall. staying grounded during season of change

    School is back in session, it’s starting to get colder, we’re shifting our routine to accommodate the changes, our clients’ schedules are shifting, the days are getting shorter, and we’re most likely busier than ever.

    Our system becomes unsettled when we have to navigate a lot of change, and even the most minor things can really throw us off.  We snap back, we lose our patience, we get in a hurry, we feel constantly anxious, and unfortunately, we often beat ourselves up in the process.

    During periods of change, we often shame ourselves for not being able to stay grounded. We feel irritated, overwhelmed and exhausted. We’ve all be trapped in the pattern before, but what if we could be compassionate with ourselves and with others during this change? Better yet, what if we were aware of the impact transitions had on our system as a whole so that we could take better preventative measures?

    To help you navigate this season of change, we’ve outlined a handful of tips on how you can stay more grounded during this shift.


    Acknowledge the Change

    One of the first steps to staying grounded during an immense season of change is to simply acknowledge the transition that’s happening. Say to yourself, “I’m going through a lot of changes right now. I feel a little uncomfortable. It’s okay to feel this way.” This little reminder will help you navigate this season with a little more grace and ease.


    Create a Daily Practice

    Having a daily practice during big transitions can create a sense of stability and calm. This could be something as simple as creating a ritual around washing your face in the morning or writing down what happened that day before you head to sleep. The need for structure is strong during periods of change, and these daily practices can help you feel at ease.


    Take Care of Your Body

    Ask your body what it needs during this time. Is it more sleep? More movement? More nutrients? Pay attention to what your body is telling you and give it what it needs.


    Find Your Support System

    At Zephyr, we know the power of community. Having other people who get what you’re going through and serve no judgment in the process can relieve a lot of discomfort during a period of growth and transition. If you’re looking for that support system, we welcome you into Z – a space where we encourage everyone to show up completely as themselves.

    Check out our blog post that shares how to find your fitness community here.


    Practice Compassion, Towards Self and Others

    A time of change can be an especially hard moment in which to practice compassion. A few ways that can help are to hang out with a friend or family member that can give and receive empathy. Another way is to develop a simple mantra that you can say to yourself when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or anxious – practice saying, “I am enough.”


    We hope these tips help you transition into a new season of life, to practice a little compassion, and show yourself a little more support. You are enough.


  • When you’re exercising, you may be looking for a little extra motivation to power you through your cycling class or crush your HIIT workout. Some people find that motivation in the form of personal coaches or podcasts, while others turn to music to take their workouts to the next level. how music can benefit your workouts

    According to the New York Times, a study published in the journal Psychology of Sport & Exercise reveals that upbeat music helps give you the motivation to tackle high-intensity workouts.

    Researchers found that “when the participants listened to the upbeat, motivational music, their heart rates and peak power output were both higher than when they listened to a podcast or no audio at all.”

    At Zephyr, our experience is rooted in powerful music – music that moves you; physically, mentally and emotionally. We find deep relief in listening to an incredible playlist while matching our workouts to the beat. We’re firm believers that music can change your life, if you let it.

    To give you a little extra motivation when it comes to crushing your workouts, we rounded out five reasons why you should rock out during your next endorphin-drenched sweat session.


    Music can be a (good kind) of distraction.

    It has been proven that music with a strong beat can give more information to our brains to process. This “distraction” can help take your mind off of how high the resistance knob is or what weight you are pushing around in your workouts.

    Need some new tunes to listen to? Check out our September Sessions playlist on Spotify by instructor Carolyn Williams!


    It puts you “in the zone.”

    Everyone has that go-to song that when it comes on you feel unstoppable. This is in part due to the memory that’s associated with it that often comes from the context in which you first heard that song. Channeling that emotion can help boost your adrenaline and improve physical performance.


    Music can elevate your mood.

    Music can help you return back to the present and become more in tune with yourself and your body. This shift in perspective can bring your awareness back to your workout, specifically how your body is moving, how hard you are working, and the endorphin-boosting benefits your body is experiencing.


    It can up the intensity of your workout.

    If you’re looking for a little push to get you through those last few minutes of class, music can help. Studies show that songs in the range of 120-140 beats per minute have the maximum effect when it comes to upping the intensity of your workout.

    Another way to up the intensity? Switch it up! Our new Force classes are 50-minute off-the-bike sweat sessions meant to move your body to the beat of the music while using hand weights, body-weight and resistance bands – the perfect complement to our signature cycling classes. Check out our schedule here to view our upcoming classes.


    Music can help you keep the pace.

    The rhythm of your workout music can tell your brain when to move, thereby aiding exercises such as indoor cycling. Finding the beat helps us use our energy more efficiently, since keeping a steady pace is easier on our bodies than fluctuating throughout a sweat session.


    With or without music, moving your body on a regular basis is important to your overall well-being. So if you’re looking for the motivation to get you there, music may be the perfect answer.

    Looking for more tips? Read about how to get the most out of your next cycling class here!


  • Starting the school year can feel quite overwhelming for many students, teachers and staff who are changing up routines and transitioning back from summer break.

    how exercise helps college students head back to school

    College students can especially feel a little off. Moving away form home, meeting new friends and, of course, more intense studying can bring on some unwanted academic overwhelm.

    Even though you may feel that you have no time to spare to perform any sort of exercise during this transition, moving your body has some pretty incredible benefits when it comes to heading back to school with more energy, focus and clarity than ever.

    To help you through this transition, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why it’s important that you find ways to stay active while you head back to the classroom. Your academic performance, mood and body will thank you!


    Relieves Stress and Improves Mood

    Regular exercise can help relieve stress and improve your overall mood by releasing endorphins and serotonin into the body. By relieving the stress from all the studying, teaching, pressure, and lifestyle changes, the risk of stress related health problems – both mental (anxiety and depression) and physical (stomach problems and cardiovascular issues, for example) –  decreases.


    Boosts Brain Cell Development

    Studies show that moving your body helps boost brain cell development as well as improves the connections between brain neurons and cognitive performance. This boost can correlate to improving your grades and allowing you to have an easier time in the classroom.


    Improves Memory

    Other studies have shown that exercising improves human memory. This is a great benefit when trying to cram for an exam or when you want to ensure that what you learned this semester will stick with you for longer that a couple of months. It’s also great for teachers who need a little extra boost to give their students the best information possible. 


    Increases Concentration and Focus

    Working out has been proven to increase concentration and focus. By improving these, you have a better chance of actively participating in class while retaining the information you have just learned.


    With regular exercise, you will feel less stressed, more energized, and ready to take on the school year with improved memory and cognitive performance.

    To help you transition through the school year, we offer special pricing for all students, teachers and staff with $10 drop-ins for MSU community members, discounted class passes and a new semester membership for $400, where you can ride up to 10 times per month!

    Sign up online – then call or email us (hello@zephyrcyclingstudio.com) so we can tag your account to receive student discounts. After that, just show proof of MSU community membership (ID card or valid email address) at first class upon check-in.

  • “Ride like the athlete you are” is one of our mottos at Zephyr.How to Get The Most Out of Your Cycling Class

    We encourage you to push yourself, to ride as a team and to move your body on a regular basis so that you can become the athlete that we know you are.

    And while leaving a post-ride pool of sweat on the floor or posting numbers higher than your previous ride seem to signal a job well done, we’re excited to share some other ways in which you can ensure that you’re getting an effective cycling workout.

    To get even more out of your next Zephyr class, we’ve rounded up five tips that will help you ride stronger, further, and most importantly, more efficiently than ever.

    1. Try out our Shimano cycling shoes.

    We recently rolled out a new shoe rental program, offering Zephyr riders a chance to try out Shimano indoor cycling shoes for just $3. Cycling shoes offer a number of benefits, including better power transfer while you ride, more overall control, a smoother pedal stroke, and less to worry about as you’ll no longer have to tighten those toe cages mi-ride. Try them out in your next ride! Just tap/click the shoe rental option when you go to book your next class.

    1. Let go of those preconceived notions.

    Even before we step foot inside the studio, we all have an idea of how our ride should be. But, it’s time to let go. We encourage you to walk into your next ride with no expectations. Listen to your instructor, try every hand position for the fun of it, and let yourself ride. Why not try it out?

    1. Hydrate your body.

    Proper hydration (before, during and after your class) is key to have a more efficient ride. Consuming a mixture of water and electrolytes in the proper amounts will give you more energy, help you recover faster, and allow you to come back to the saddle even stronger. One way to do that? Adding PKT to your water bottle before or after you ride. PKT is a local company that makes a high-quality powdered multivitamin made without sugar and filler-ingredients. Snag yours the next time you’re in the studio!

    1. Properly adjust your bike.

    Properly adjusting your bike is one of the most important things to do when it comes to not only your safety on the spin bike, but also getting the most out of your cycling class. If you’re unsure about the proper set-up, just ask! Our professional, rockstar instructors are more than happy to take another look at your bike and make any necessary adjustments. You can also hop on our newsletter list to be notified when our next Zephyr101 class goes live! It’s a great introductory and refresher course on all things Zephyr.

    1. Consistency is key.

    With summer in full force, taking your workout inside not always at the top of your list – we totally get it. We still want you to hit those trails and climb those peaks, yet we believe a consistent cycling routine will not only help you improve your ride’s efficiency, but also make you stronger for those outdoor workouts.


    Try out these tips and we’re betting you’ll be well on your way to a stronger, faster, more efficient indoor cycling class. Ride on, Z.

  • We’ll say it over and over again – Bozeman summers are one for the books.the best hikes in Bozeman, Montana for experiencing the great outdoors

    To fully enjoy one of the best seasons Montana has to offer, our latest challenge not only incorporates that Zephyr sweat we know and love, but also encourages us to get outside and onto those trails.

    Tour de Zephyr is simple. Ride 600 miles by the end of summer and be invited to an exclusive outdoor Zephyr ride in September. For every rider who completes 100 miles in June, July and August, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card to Sola Café!

    The best part? We’re inviting all participants to get out on those trails by specifying three hikes each month that, if completed, add an additional 15 miles to your summer total. Stay tuned to our Instagram to see what hikes we’re featuring next!

    To keep the summer vibes going, we wanted to share a few of our favorite hikes in and around Bozeman. Check out a few of our Zephyr team members’ favorite hikes below!


    The M

    Lauren’s Pick

    With its close proximity to town, multiple route options, and paved parking lot, the M is one of Bozeman’s most popular trails. With this hike, you can either choose the hard way (about .5 miles of steep terrain) or the easier way (about 1.5 miles of moderate grade). Whichever way you choose to go, be prepared for one of the most beautiful views that Bozeman has to offer once you reach the top.


    Baldy Peak

    Sarah’s Pick

    Straight up from the M is Baldy. If completed top to bottom, the hike would take around 5-6 hours, which makes for a great half-day excursion. Baldy is rated difficult, as the entire way up is a fairly steep grade mixed with loose rocks, shale and single-track trail. If you’re looking for a workout, this hike is for you!


    Drinking Horse

    Carlynn’s Pick

    Right across from The M is another iconic Bozeman hike – Drinking Horse. This moderate hike is around 3 miles round-trip, and also offers two routes depending on the level of difficulty you’re looking for. Drinking Horse is a great trail if you need a midday break from work or a quick outdoor fix.


    Triple Tree

    Demi’s Pick

    Just outside the southside of town lies Triple Tree. Hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners alike frequent Triple Tree as it offers various types of terrain with a loop-style trail system. This trail also has two starting points to choose from –the lower level and the upper level, which range from 3-5 miles round trip depending on how much time you have or what type of hike you’re looking for.


    Sacagawea Peak

    Jackie’s Pick

    Sacagawea Peak (Sac Peak for short) lies on the tail end of the Bridger Mountain Range. Park at the Fairy Lake parking lot to access this hike – you’ll have a  great chance to cool off in the lake once you head back to your car. While on the trail, you’ll be greeted by mountain goats, wildflowers and incredible views of both sides of the Bridgers.


    Lava Lake

    Allie’s Pick

    Down the Gallatin Canyon lies Lava Lake – a moderate out and back trail that leads to a peaceful, stunning mountain lake in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. The hike is around 5 miles round-trip, and once you reach the lake, a number of trails will greet you that will allow you to explore around the lake even further.


    Beehive Basin

    Carolyn’s Pick

    Take the scenic drive down the Gallatin Canyon, head past Big Sky Town Center and Big Sky resort, and find yourself at the Beehive Basin trailhead with one of the most unique hikes in southwest Montana. This hike winds up through the Custer Gallatin National Forest, opens up along a rocky mountainside, and leads you to a a serene alpine lake with stunning views of the Spanish Peaks and Gallatin Range. For this one, bring plenty of water – and bear spray!


    We can’t wait to see you in the studio (and on the trails!) soon.

    Want more? Check out our post about how indoor cycling prepares you for the trails!

  • May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

    If you haven’t checked out our Instagram recently, we’ve been shedding a little light on mental health and sharing a few of our community members’ stories at Zephyr.

    Why we care.

    In doing so, we hope to help decrease the stigma associated with mental health. We want more people to feel confident and comfortable in sharing their stories and struggles. We also want to spread the message to our community that there is hope, and that you are definitely not alone.

    According to Mental Health First Aid, almost half of all adults in the United States will experience a mental health issue at some point in their lifetime, yet not even a third of people will seek help.

    This statistic reveals just how common struggles with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, eating problems and self-esteem really are. So why is it so hard to ask for support?

    By sharing stories of our own and of our community members, joining forces with amazing organizations like Suffer Out Loud, and creating a safe space to be yourself, we hope to make support more prevalent for those who need it.

    Some of the stories we’ve received.

    Carolyn Williams / Owner + Instructor / Zephyr Cycling Studio

    Tell us a little about your mental health story.

    I first went to see a counselor during my junior year in high school (15 years ago!) when life felt like it was too much and too painful. It was the first time in my life when I woke up each morning unsure of how I was going to get out of bed, let alone make it through the day. I went to a small school and as an already self conscious teenager, the idea of going to a counselor embarrassed me. But I don’t know where I’d be now if my teachers hadn’t strongly suggested I make an appointment with our school counselor. Having someone to talk to who could provide an outside, straightforward but compassionate perspective changed my life (and made me realize that there is absolutely nothing shameful about doing whatever you need to take care of yourself, including and especially therapy).

    How do you cope?

    Since high school, therapy has been a constant in my life, especially when I’m going through major life transitions (countless moves, starting a business, breakups – to name a few). And then of course, I move my body – every single day (even if it’s a walk with the dogs). I first walked into an indoor cycling class my freshman year of college and as someone who had never considered herself an athlete, finding a workout that not only made me feel better but was actually fun while I was doing it was a game changer.

    How has Zephyr played a part in your journey?

    Zephyr, and movement in general, has allowed me to find strength in my own self. Before I walked into an indoor cycling class, I’d spent my entire life looking for external validation,  acceptance and support. Moving my body on a daily basis not only makes my mind feel better, it allows me to feel more at home in my body and to practice making the response to the things that happen in my life be feelings rooted in self-compassion rather than those rooted in guilt, anger, frustration and/or despair. I work out to work through.

    Biggest myth surrounding mental health and what to do/know instead?

    Mental health struggles can make a person feel more isolated than almost anything else, I think. We think no one else can possibly understand what we’re going through and/or that they won’t care. But at some point, it becomes a relief to know that other people have experienced similar pain and have come out the other side. That what you’re experiencing, while completely unique to you, won’t defeat you.

    And that idea that people won’t care, well, here’s the truth: the people in your life want to help you and be there for you. Imagine if someone you loved reached out to you to ask for help – wouldn’t you be honored and grateful that they did?

    What advice would you give to someone who may be struggling with their mental health?

    Talk to someone (I literally googled counselors when I first moved to Bozeman and there are so many resources online!). If therapy is too expensive, check in with organizations like Suffer Out Loud, who help subsidize mental health care by paying for therapy sessions for those who need them but couldn’t afford them otherwise – which is SO AMAZING.

    And, get moving. It doesn’t have to be a Zephyr class (although we’d love to have you!) – what’s important is that you find a way to move that fills you up. If you’re not sure what that is, start trying different things and see what sticks. There are so many incredible fitness options in Bozeman and most studios and gyms here offer incredible introductory offers or even free first classes. It can be intimidating walking into a new workout place for the first time, trust me – I get it. But trust me also when I say that any place you go to is going to be thrilled to welcome a new face. And if going inside isn’t your thing, places like Peets Hill are so easily accessible – take a walk up there and I dare you not to feel even just slightly better afterwards (the fact that dogs are EVERYWHERE up there can only help!).


    Josie Smith / Zephyr Community Member

    Tell us a little about your mental health story.

    Growing up my mother suffered from mental illness. Throughout my teenage years it was difficult for me to accept her. I didn’t understand her and feared judgement from others. Mental health wasn’t talked about. Communities for support weren’t within my reach and I was naive to her underlying struggles. This lead to years of disconnect between us, years that I can’t get back. Good news! With openness, enlightenment and a better understanding of her mental health our relationship is better! A few years ago I started struggling with anxiety. I felt defeated, misunderstood, and doubted myself. My mom was my biggest supporter during that time. She steered me towards the help I needed, helping me find ways to cope with my anxiety in a way that I was comfortable with. Now, I have the tools to be a better support system for her like she was for me.

    How do you cope with your mental health struggles?

    This is a constant work in progress, with lots of trial and error. Right now, I’m working on setting boundaries, not only with others but also with myself. I’m learning to say no to something that’s not fulfilling me and making time for things that do. My mental health takes the biggest hit and anxiety creeps back when I’m trying to please everyone but only giving half of my effort to the things that bring me happiness and ignoring my own needs. I try to remind myself regularly that taking care of myself sets me up to be better prepared to be present for others.

    How has Zephyr played a part in your journey? 

    Earlier this year, after simultaneously working and pursuing a college degree full time, I recognized how poorly I was handling stress and the effects it had on my mental health. I was feeling more anxious and carried around what I was calling ‘stress anger’(I was mean and impatient with my self and others). I made a goal to find ways to better handle stress. Trying a Zephyr class was first on my list. With the push of a coworker (thanks, girl!) we signed up for an intro week. I left Zephyr with a better attitude, more patience and less ‘stress anger’. Zephyr continues to help me better manage that stress and turn it into something productive. I never regret waking up, stepping in the door, and surprising myself by what I can do. It’s an hour where I can focus on how awesome I’m doing on and off the bike, which drives me into a better mindset to influence others to focus on the same.

    Biggest myth surrounding mental health and what to do/know instead?

    Mental health only strikes a certain demographic. Anyone, anywhere, anytime, any age can be affected by mental health, whether personal or through the heartache of seeing someone struggle. Mental health isn’t one size fits all, and neither are the ways to treat it. There’s a multitude of options out there. If something’s not working try something new, talk about it, share your experience; you may be sparking courage in someone to make mental health a priority without even realizing it.

    What advice would you give to someone who may be struggling with their mental health? 

    Don’t let anyone, yourself included, dismiss your concerns. If something’s not right, speak up. Whether it’s for yourself or to better support someone you love. Get educated. Try to understand. Find a community. Ask for help. Ask someone to listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Learn about mental health. Reach out to a resource.

    You’re your biggest advocate.


    Alison Germain / Zephyr Community Member

    Tell us a little about your story.

    I took my first class at Zephyr as a postpartum mom with two small kids. My second pregnancy, and time afterwards, was difficult. Rapid hormonal shifts, lack of sleep, fatigue, isolation, anxiety…many of the feelings new moms experience. Over time, the highs and lows of the classic “baby blues” evened out.  However, a dullness persisted that I couldn’t quite shake. I didn’t feel like myself. Because my experiences weren’t severe, I turned inward and learned to live with it.

    How did you cope with your struggle?

    Eventually I grew tired of the dullness. I missed the euphoric feeling that accompanies exercise and well-being. I have always known that moving my body was good for my brain. What I didn’t realize at that time was the transforming role spinning would play in my mind/body connection.

    How has Zephyr played a part in your journey?

    I was surprised to find an incredible freedom, and release, in riding a bike to nowhere. I could focus on my breath, my heart beat and my own thoughts. I found myself surrounded by positive messages and people who lifted me up. Over time, that positivity and confidence became a part of my self talk. The intense cardio workout with intervals, sprints and resistance training released the “feel good” hormones I needed. The more I made spinning part of my routine, the more the benefits spilled into all aspects of my life.

    Biggest myth surrounding what you experienced and what to do instead?

    Many women struggle in silence after childbirth. It’s a time of rapid hormone changes and lack of sleep. How could you not?  I was warned about post-partum depression and educated about the symptoms. Because my symptoms were less severe, I did not make the connection. In talking to friends, I’ve discovered I’m not alone in this. After years of reflection and perspective, they can now look back and recognize it. Common in their experiences were feelings of shame and isolation. In talking about this, my hope is that more people will break their own silence and reach out for help. Your life is worth it.


    Ricky Burns / Zephyr Community Member


    Tell us a little about your story.

    My mental health has been a strong factor my entire life due to the trauma of my birth. I was injured and suffer a condition similar to cerebral palsy.  Being disabled makes many traumas for a person by default due to surgeries, doctors, hospitals.  All very scary places for a kid.

    How do you cope with your struggle?

    I try to find things to motivate me and to stay active. I think that’s key, keeping your brain and body active and healthy. If I gave up at the beginning I wouldn’t be where I am today – a 3 time graduate of college, an entrepreneur, and an artist, among many other things.
    How has Zephyr played a part in your journey?
    Zephyr has pushed me to be healthier than ever. I have never worked out this much in my life. I started because of my mental heath, then I started seeing physical gains, then I was hooked, but most special is the community that Z has. It is truly one that I cherish.  Having a family when you live an entire United States away from your own is really supportive and special.
    Biggest myth surrounding what you experienced and what to do instead?
    Biggest myth surrounding mental health is that pharmaceuticals solve everything. Once upon a time doctors medicated me to a point of paranoia due to mental health. It was scary and I learned I needed to focus on myself and exercise and get healthy which would help a lot of what I was experiencing.
    If you’re struggling, seek support whether it’s a friend or a medical professional. Either is a sign of strength, not weakness. Then check in with yourself. Try to get out and get healthy – you would be surprised how much that helps.


    Where to seek support

    There is a local counselor referral network managed by the Bozeman Help Center, which is called the “crisis line” – but don’t be afraid to give it a call 406-586-3333!

    For people that may be struggling to pick up the phone, Montana 211 is a good place to start where people can find resources and support groups.

    We also have resource cards at Zephyr from Suffer Out Loud that include both resources listed above.

    Whatever you may be struggling with, just know you are not alone. There’s a whole community of people waiting to support you with open arms. All it takes is sharing your story.

  • 5 Ways Indoor Cycling Prepares You For The Trails

    Spring is here! With warmer weather in plain sight, we can’t help but get a little antsy to explore the trails, be in the mountains, and take in everything that Bozeman has to offer.how indoor cycling prepares you for the mountain trails

    Even though we’re an indoor cycling studio, we absolutely love getting outside. And because we are an indoor cycling studio, we feel extra ready to take on the Great Outdoors because of the health and fitness benefits that cycling provides – stronger legs, better cardiovascular endurance, and lowering our risk for injury – to name a few.

    All in all, having a Zephyr routine makes us better athletes, both mentally and physically.

    Whether you’ve been riding at Z for months (maybe years!) or are brand new to the indoor cycling scene, we wanted to give you five ways that indoor cycling prepares you for those mountain trails – because, let’s face it, Bozeman has the best mountain access there is and we all need to explore and enjoy it as much as we can.


    1. You’ll be better prepared for spring and summer.

    Montana winters can be brutal, and when the skiing is slow or the snow just doesn’t appeal to you, an indoor cycling class can be a saving grace. By keeping up with your fitness routine in the colder months, you’ll be more in shape, physically ready to take on the trails, and mentally prepared to get active.

    1. You can ride stronger.

    If mountain biking is your thing, Zephyr is a great place to train on your off days or incorporate into your weekly routine. Indoor cycling strengthens those same muscles used for mountain biking – core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and yes, even biceps (check out our Uplift classes).

    1. You can hike longer.

    Endurance is our middle name. With rides ranging from 50 to 90 minutes, incorporating Zephyr into your routine will give your cardiovascular health a noticeable boost. Our cardio-based classes will help you hike longer, higher and faster when the time comes.

    1. You can run faster.

    Are you a trail runner? Indoor cycling provides a great complement to running. Not only does it help your endurance and strength (listed above), but the interval work we do in our Zephyr classes can help you become an even faster runner by strengthening those fast- and slow-twitch muscle groups. Talk about a win-win.

    1. You’ll be able to prevent injuries.

    The mountains can require a variety of technical skills depending on terrain, changing conditions, and activities. Zephyr is a low-impact workout, which helps strengthen your muscles with very little pressure on your joints. This low-impact exercise is great for injury prevention, making you agile and ready for any type of adventure.


    Getting into the mountains and hitting those trails is just what our community craves this time of year. We are so grateful to be able to provide a space to fuel those mountain adventures and provide a workout that allows you to become a better, stronger athlete.

    Check out our schedule here!

  • We’re not just people who love to sweat.

    We’re a group of dynamic, heartfelt, powerful individuals on a mission to make every class at Zephyr as unique as the first.

    Each one of us brings our own distinctive voice, personality and beat-based experience to the mix. And together? Let’s just say we make quite a powerful team.

    To give you a chance to get to know us on a deeper level, we’ve been asked a series of questions about what makes us move, what makes get on the podium every week, and what makes each of us so unique.

    Meet our instructors below!


    Meet Carolyn


    Billings, Montana

    What do you do outside of the studio? Life revolves around Zephyr!  But when I’m not there, I am walking/hiking/xc skiing with my dogs, spending time with my family in Big Sky, or getting my booty kicked off the bike at Pure Barre (Farmer’s Daughters, Dave’s and Jam! are also in heavy rotation, always).

    When did you realize you wanted to become an instructor?
    Everyone always told me my whole life to “do what you love and the rest will follow,” which is great advice if you know what you love to do… That didn’t click for me until I started taking rhythm-based indoor cycling classes and then ultimately teaching them when taking them wasn’t an option. I have never felt more alive and more in tune with my heart than when I am teaching class.

    What’s your teaching style like?
    I am a devout believer in the transformative, healing, regenerative, magical power of movement, especially when combined with music. I was also an English major in college so words and lyrics are fundamental to me. My classes encourage people to move rhythmically and without inhibition in order to work through and ultimately appreciate, celebrate, and lead boldly our lives – incorporating first and foremost the most important rhythm in them, our heartbeats.

    Current music that makes you move?
    Florence + the Machine, always. Currently very much also loving her musical little sister, Maggie Rogers.

    Words to sweat by:
    Get out of your head so you can move from your heart.


    Meet Jake


    Grand Forks, North Dakota

    What do you do outside of the studio?
    I’m currently working towards my architecture license. I also love good ol’ Montana outdoor adventures.

    When did you realize you wanted to become an instructor?
    I actually had never thought about it until Carolyn gave me an opportunity to try it. I actually didn’t think I could do it at first, but I leaned into something different and never looked back!

    What’s your teaching style like?
    My teaching style is something like a motivation filled, intention driven, dance party with a few laughs and plenty of sweat.

    Current music that makes you move?
    Right now I’m really digging Bad Vibes by K.Flay, Goldrush Mansionair Remix by Death Cab, and Make Me Feel EDX Dubai Skyline Remix by Janelle Monae…. and obvi Panic at the Disco and Taylor Swift always (black heart emoji)

    Words to sweat by:
    Lead with your heart and the strength will follow.


    Meet Allie


    Billings, Montana

    What do you do outside of the studio?
    I graduated with my Industrial Engineering degree in May and have worked in my field as a Process Engineer for West Paw since then. (So, I get to make dog toys for a living) Outside of the office, I am either skiing in Big Sky, fly fishing, or hiking with my dog Sage. I am super passionate about cooking and try to maintain an active lifestyle through Z, running, and road biking.

    When did you realize you wanted to become an instructor?
    I have ALWAYS loved music, from piano competitions to everyday life – music is what fuels me. I was driving home from my first ever Zephyr class and I had the thought “how cool would it be if I could get a workout in AND share my love of music with people.” That was just the start. I continued to take classes over the next few weeks and realized how much deeper it went for me. I have always struggled to find a healthy balance with exercise and after those two weeks I had connected to my body more than I ever knew was possible. I left every class feeling so much better than when I walked in and feeling like I could take on ANYTHING. My confidence was growing and I started thanking my body for how strong it was instead of what it looked like. This is when I reached out to Carolyn, because I wanted to be a part of this journey for everyone who walked through those doors – there are so many places in life that tear you down and I wanted to be a part of a community that is dedicated to building people back up again.

    What’s your teaching style like?
    I create every playlist with all levels of riders in mind. In each class you will find sprints, power, resistance, and movement mostly in an interval format. I keep the structure approachable so riders can start with a certain level of confidence. Then, I use music and intervals to take them out of their comfort zones, even if it is just for 15 seconds. I am a true believer that it just takes one moment of confidence to show yourself what you are capable of. I see riders all of the time take a chance and find their edge during an interval, then I ask them to go further during the next. They are able to push their bodies for short periods of time to new heights and build confidence along the way, so when those longer pushes come – they know they can do it and absolutely CRUSH it.

    Current music that makes you move?
    This is a hard question for me since it changes almost every week. Currently, the new Black Keys, Florence + the Machine, Weezer, and Vampire Weekend are on my personal workout playlists. I am also a life long Odesza and M83 fanatic, so you can always find me jamming in my car to any of their songs.

    Words to sweat by?
    You are the only one holding yourself back from being the best version of yourself.


    Meet Jackie


    Spicer, Minnesota

    What do you do outside of the studio?
    I go on hikes (when it’s warm out, of course) with my dogs, visit breweries, adventure with my fiancé, brunch, listen to a lot of true crime podcasts (shout out to all my fellow murderinos!) and visit my family when I can!

    When did you realize you wanted to become an instructor?
    I grew up running cross country and track which turned into running races once I graduated high school because I loved the feeling of seeing how hard I could push my body while having that mind/body connection that I felt like I could only get when I was running. I also was in dance from when I was 3 to 18 so I always loved mixing music with movement. My friends would always joke that one day I would be a DJ because I loved just rocking out and moving! I took my first cycling class while living in Minneapolis after high school and “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding came on and the instructor (I swear she looked right at me) said “anything could happen, but you can’t just sit here and expect it to happen to you, you have to make it happen” while ROCKING OUT and at that moment, I told myself I would one day become a cycling instructor. Years later, I was working in a Marketing Tech agency and realized that there had to be something more in life so my parents gifted me a trip to LA to get certified in cycling and at that same time I was introduced to Carolyn through our waxer (I LOVE YOU SPRUCE & HONEY) and from there, it just all fell into place. After I taught my first class as Zephyr, I knew I was meant to be a cycling instructor.

    What’s your teaching style like?
    Positively motivating. I am here to make you sweat and work your hardest but also have a fun time doing it.

    Current music that makes you move?
    I have really been digging AJR, ODESZA, and Kygo. Anything with a strong beat and an even stronger message just makes me want to get lost in it.

    Words to sweat by:
    Whatever your reason for moving, just move with every bit of you. The second you start to move with full intention and without hesitation is the second it all makes sense


    Meet Sarah


    Bozeman, Montana

    What do you do outside of the studio?
    I love to bake, rescue chihuahuas, compete and coach Spartan races, play instruments and enjoy time with my son

    When did you realize you wanted to become an instructor?
    I realized I wanted to be an instructor Zephyr from the very beginning….I knew I wanted to make an impact on people through a channel Bozeman had yet to experience…and for an organization that is truly passionate about exercise and community.

    What’s your teaching style like?
    My teaching style…. Honestly, distraction with humor, real life purpose and vulnerability paired with variable training methods to keep the workouts well rounded.

    Music that makes you move?
    Dynamic beat drops, musical “blasts from the past” that everybody knows, and the touchy-feeling ones that tug on the heart strings.

    Words to sweat by:
    Time/Tension/Tenacity-3 T’s to test your RPE (rate of perceived exertion).


    Meet Cackie


    Indian Hill-Cincinnati, Ohio

    What do you do outside of the studio?
    Eat food & pet dogs (and currently packing to move across the country)

    When did you realize you wanted to become an instructor?
    I was a teenager when I started teaching, 12 years ago — I knew I wanted to help people tap into their potential like I had been taught to.

    What’s your teaching style like?
    Passionate & assertive (but I’m also hilarious).

    Current music that makes you move?
    It’s been a morning full of Mumford & Sons, but ask me again in a few hours and I’ll have a totally different genre going.

    Words to sweat by:
    Limits are self-imposed, you set them so you can break through them


    Meet Carlynn


    Bozeman, Montana

    What do you do outside of the studio?
    I go running with my buppy (blue puppy), volunteering at Bridgercare, anything involving sweat or sunlight!

    When did you realize you wanted to become an instructor?
    The first class I ever took. The combination of cardio and music set my soul on fire and I never wanted it to end.

    What’s your teaching style like?
    Encouraging! I want everyone to feel welcome and know that Zephyr is here for you. Whether it’s crushing power numbers, resistance intervals, or just crying in the dark; I have been there!

    Current music that makes you move?
    Anything 80s

    Words to sweat by:
    Don’t overthink, just move your feet.


    Meet Lauren


    Born in Hartford, Connecticut but grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina

    What do you do outside of the studio?
    Teach kiddos, currently finishing my Masters in Education & Learning, go on adventures with my pup + hubby, and cook!

    When did you realize you wanted to become an instructor?
    After my first class! I was absolutely hooked as the Zephyr crew made me feel like I was home. I had been traveling a lot and hadn’t really felt that in a while. It was a really special feeling.

    What’s your teaching style like?
    Inclusive – my class is for anyone and everyone looking to have some fun, challenge themselves, & be active!

    Current music that makes you move?
    Country and pop music! I love anything with a good beat.

    Words to sweat by:
    Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable!


    We hope you enjoyed getting to know our Zephyr family! Be sure to check out our class schedule and experience one of our unique rides today.

  • You’ve come to expect the best from Zephyr – the best workout, facilities, amenities, and instructors around. We pride ourselves on offering a top-level experience every single time you walk through our doors, and we feel so fortunate to be able to serve our incredible community.

    But right now, we don’t feel as though our current booking and point of sale system upholds our value of excellence. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we will be switching to a new system and app that represent Zephyr with the utmost integrity.

    The new booking system/app will go live on Thursday, February 28th. In order to accurately prepare you, we wanted to explain the benefits of the new system as well as outline exactly what you’ll need to do in order to make this a seamless transition.

    How It Benefits You

    Book for your friends and family.

    With the new system, you’ll be able to book for your friends and family directly through the app or online. If you have an annual membership, guest passes will be automatically placed into your account every month for you to use at your discretion.

    It also complements our new referral program – bring in a new rider and receive 15% percent off your next class pass or, if you’re already a monthly member, you’ll receive an extra guest pass per month! Our new booking experience will make bringing friends and family easier than ever.

    See how many classes you’ve done.

    The numbers don’t define us at Zephyr, but they can serve as an amazing motivator. You’ll still be able to access statistics such as average power, miles ridden and calories burned, but with an additional option to see how many total classes you’ve completed!

    Better booking experience.

    Once we switch over, everything will be under one system. This will not only facilitate a better booking experience, but a seamless transfer of information. Booking, checking in, following up, and all of your account details will be together in one place, operating under one system.

    Streamlined booking.

    Once our new software and app is live, we will instate a two-week booking window. This means that you will be able to book your classes for the next two weeks beginning each Sunday at noon.

    What You’ll Need To Do


    Step One: re-download the app

    You’ll first want to delete the current Zephyr app you have on your device. Then, head on over to the App Store and search for “Zephyr Cycling” NOT “Zephyr Cycling Studio” to access and download the new app. (It’s not currently available for Android devices but will be in the coming months! The browser experience will be much easier to navigate.)

    Step Two: reset your password

    Once you download and open up the app, it will prompt you to login and you will need to opt to reset your password. This can be done either on the new Zephyr Cycling app or online at zephyrcyclingstudio.com. We would NOT recommend creating a brand new account, as all of your data from our old systems won’t transfer if you create a new account.

    Step Three: update billing information

    The final thing you’ll need to do is update your billing information including your credit card on file and your billing address – especially if you have a monthly membership so that your ability to book classes remains uncompromised. This can be done either in the new Zephyr Cycling app or online at zephyrcyclingstudio.com.

    Some Things To Know


    1. On Thursday, February 28th you will not be able to book classes online – so we encourage you sign up early in order to book your spots for any class scheduled on the 28th or for the days following in order to make sure you procure your preferred times and bikes.
    2. In order to make this transition seamless for everyone, we are offering help desk hours in the week leading up to, during and after the switch. Just stop by the front desk and one of our team members will answer any questions you have and walk you through our new system.


    We are confident this new booking and point of sale system will be a better experience for everyone and will more accurately represent Z and its community. We appreciate your patience with this process and can’t wait for what’s to come!