Our Classes

Zephyr Revolve

50-minute class

Make our signature practice your daily habit. A set of carefully curated songs guide you from your first centering breaths and warming up to cresting challenges and crushing the finish, all followed by the final feel-good stretch.

Zephyr Uplift

50-minute class

Infuse your cycle class with the benefits of lean strength training. Zephyr Uplift integrates barre-inspired lightweight lifting into your cycle practice, and incorporates a few minutes with small hand weights.

Zephyr Dash

30-minute class

Banish excuses with an intensive 30-minute practice. Zephyr Dash packs all the benefits of our signature Zephyr Revolve into a mere half-hour. Work hard, sweat tons, and feel completely refreshed.

Zephyr Dash+

60-minute class

Banish excuses with an intensive 60-minute practice. Dash+ is just like our regular dash class but with the optional opportunity to stay for an additional 25 minutes of strength, mobility and flexibility training in the Loft. Come for the sweat, stay for the strength!

Zephyr Zeal

60-minute class

Start your weekend mornings intentionally. A mid-morning hour creates more space to push yourself and kick off your day with a meaningful accomplishment.

Zephyr Force

50-minute class

Go beyond the bike in this strength-based cross-training class in the loft. Our off-the-bike class takes everything we know about rhythm-based training, high-energy music, and that classic Z vibe into a high-intensity atmosphere meant to challenge your entire body. A  full body work out on its own, clients can combine Force with cycling classes to check off strength, cardio, and sweat all in one high energy space.


50-minute class

Pedal for a purpose we all believe in. Workout-wise, ZephyrGives is identical to Zephyr Revolve, with 100% of the profit (and the good energy) given to a worthy cause.


50-minute class

ZephyrCollective rides provide opportunities for the Zephyr community to support our newest instructors and to be the first to experience their classes – for free.

Kick off a new routine.

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