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Our Classes


Bike-based. Includes weights. 45 minutes. Available on Tradewind.

Lift more than hand weights. Deepen your awareness of your body, mind, and soul through intentional choreography, cadences, and songs in our signature, rhythm-based cycling class graced with a few rewarding minutes of weighted arm movement. Achieve a higher vibration through sweat and devotion to the rhythm, the community, and most importantly, to yourself.


Bike-based. No weights. 45 minutes.

The bikes may not move, but you will. Grow your strength and resilience in a cycling class designed to create movement that grounds you. While rhythm-based movement is at the heart of all we do, Revolve classes focus less on choreography (no hand weights, either) and more on intentional, sustained time spent in and out of the saddle. What you repeat, you strengthen – feel your spirit kick gravity as you expand your power.


Bike-based. 30 minutes. Available on Tradewind.

Work your body, clear your mind. Intense and cleansing, Dash accelerates Revolve into a heart- and-spirit-pumping half-hour, honoring every hardworking soul who deserves thirty restorative minutes for themselves.


Bike-based. No weights. 60 minutes.

Carve out an essential weekly ritual that digs a little deeper. Let the rhythm and movement of our slightly longer cycling class set a powerful intention for another good week – one with community, purpose, music, and joy.


Bike- and mat-based. Includes weights. 50 minutes.

Devote yourself to hard things. This dual conquest draws on the whole studio with 25 minutes of cycling followed by 25 minutes of mat work to open your horizons and your soul—breathe, sweat, and feel through every challenge to unearth what you’re made of.


Mat-based. Includes weights. 30 or 45 minutes. Available on Tradewind.

Discover your resilience in Evolve, our signature mat-based class that illuminates just how infinitely capable you are. This beat-based, full-body, cardio-strength workout grounds your energy in repetition, rhythm, and flow.


Mat-based. 45 minutes. Available on Tradewind.

Unbind yourself – from expectation, from judgment, from anything other than you. This mat & music-focused strength-mining class liberates you from limits and creates space for heart, mind and body expansion through rhythm-based, flow-full movement built for every part of every body. Unbound provides a container for movement and feeling that will prove your resilience and bring you home to you, over and over again.

Kick off a new routine.

$88 for your first unlimited month. No commitment required.