• We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

    ~ Aristotle

    Habits shape your life far more than you probably realize.

    According to The Power of Habit author Charles Duhigg, habits are an important force that our brains actually cling to because they create neurological cravings where a certain behavior is rewarded by the release of “pleasure” chemicals in the brain. 

    Habits literally shape our every day actions that grow stronger the more we perform them. This process shifts habits from proactively making decisions to becoming more and more automatic.

    Although habits can be a good thing like moving your body at Zephyr on a daily basis or drinking enough water, they can also become a disadvantage too. If a bad habit is created, you need to rewire your thinking and replace it with a new one.

    What are habits?

    Habits are a series of events where you have to recognize the cue, create a good response (habit), and receive the same reward or outcome. In order to replace a bad habit with a good one, you have to change the response.

    At Zephyr, we recognize the power of good habits. In order to build the habits you want to stick with, you have to be intentional with your actions. Here are our top 5 tips to forming good habits and actually sticking with them.

    1. Start Small

    We can’t stress this enough. A habit doesn’t have to be astronomical in size to be considered successful. Consistency is more important than how much you do something or the size of the task at hand.

    For example, you could start with a mini habit of making your bed in the morning versus making sure your entire house is spotless every day of the week.

    2. Be Intentional

    An important part of creating good habits is choosing what habits to build. Your resources are limited, so you need to be careful in selecting what habits to put your energy towards. Choose only the ones that can make the most difference in your life.

    For example, choosing a class time that fits with your schedule rather than a class for which you have to move around your entire calendar.

    3. Celebrate Every Victory

    Having a system in place that can give you a sense of accomplishment is important to keep you motivated in the long run. By celebrating tiny wins, you’ll start to create those feel-good responses well before the actual habit is formed.

    For example, if you’re starting a healthier lifestyle, say something positive to yourself after every thing you do that’s centered on healthy choices. Made dinner? Great! Scheduled two workouts for the week? Way to go! Took 2 minutes in the morning to meditate? You’re amazing!

    Don’t forget about the small stuff – it adds up.

    4. Partner Up

    One of the greatest things to do to form good habits is finding a friend to hold you accountable. Accountability can go a long way and allow you to create stronger habits when you feel supported.

    For example, snag a workout buddy to catch a Zephyr class with you every Friday. Need even more incentive? Join our January contest over on Instagram to celebrate our brand new referral program!

    5. Be Balanced

    It’s important to live a balanced life. Health and fitness is just one piece of the puzzle. In order to feel well rounded, you have to think about other areas of your life to form good habits in such as work, relationships, and spirituality.

    For example, say your health habits are in good shape, but you’re lacking in some of your relationships. Try bringing your significant other or a family member to a workout class with you once a week.

    Building good habits is important in all aspects of your life. With the New Year in full swing, it’s time to capitalize on the renewed sense of energy that’s in the air with good habits that are hard to break.

    To make Zephyr a part of your good habits for 2019, check out our full schedule of classes and find one that’s right for you.

  • The Zephyr Difference

    The holiday season is such a special time of year. It’s a time during which we get to be around your friends and family to celebrate, laugh, love and cherish the moments we get to spend together. where to workout in bozeman, montana

    The holidays are also a time when extra commitments may come into play – holiday parties, travel plans, happy hours and cookie exchanges, anyone?! These extra plans might put your health and fitness priorities on the backburner – and we totally get it. It’s a busy time for everyone, but just know that we’re here for you and will welcome you with arms wide open whenever you need a little sweat.

    This time of year is also the perfect time to start thinking about the New Year and what it brings to the table. A new year means a renewed sense of energy, a fresh perspective on life, and most often, a new workout routine.

    We know there are many incredible studios and gyms in Bozeman that offer top-notch classes and workouts. The fitness community in this town is one of the biggest reasons why we love where we live. There’s truly something for everyone.

    So what makes us so different? Why would Zephyr be for you?

    In order to give you a better sense of who we are and what we offer, we wanted to share with you all of the incredible things that comprise Zephyr’s core. No matter what you choose to do for your health, we want to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

    Membership Perks

    By becoming a monthly-unlimited member at Z, you dedicate your time and energy into bettering yourself through movement, music and community. We get how big of a commitment that really is so that’s why we like to say a little thank you with some awesome membership perks:

    • Discounts to Complete Body Works, including $25 ortho treatments (normally $50) and $20 off any service of $50 or more (including but not limited to massages and facials)
    • 1 free late cancel/month (normally $10)
    • 1 complimentary guest pass per month
    • Membership pauses for minimum 2 weeks + maximum 3 months
    • 10% off retail
    • 10% off class passes for immediate family members
    • 15% off any class pass at Ekam Yoga and/or Pure Barre Bozeman


    We want to make Zephyr feel like a home away from home. That’s why we have on-site showers complete with Kevin Murphy hair products courtesy of Zuri Salon and body products by Spruce & Honey. We also have blow dryers, hair ties, Glo Luxury Oil products, and post-workout supplements from PKT. No time to shower or change? Grab a Fresh Wipe on your way out the door and you’re set!

    Class Time and Variety

    Between early morning rides, lunch hour sweat dates, early afternoon sessions and after work classes, there’s a time meant for everyone. Plus, we don’t just offer indoor cycling classes. We offer multiple cross-training opportunities each week through our Dash+ and Elevate classes which incorporate strength and mobility training exercises in our loft space six days a week.

    Check out our full schedule of classes here and find out what works for you!


    Zephyr is located on the corner of Kagy and Willson, in an easily accessible location no matter from where you’re coming in town. We have plenty of free parking on-site so you’ll never have to worry about being late for class or getting a parking ticket. We’re also near coffee, smoothies, breakfast, lunch and dinner establishments, which combined with our showers makes working out to having a night out a breeze.

    Expert Instructors

    Our instructors go above and beyond before they ever teach a class. Each one of them completes Zephyr-specific training that ensures that not only do they teach a rhythmically-based class, they also develop and strengthen their own authentic energy, which allows them to lead powerfully effective and cathartic classes. Our Zephyr program also allows them to learn the ins and outs of teaching safe classes that are truly open to all (and don’t worry, they’re all CPR certified!). We love each and every one of them, and would not be able to do what we do without their dedication and hard work.

    The Community

    Finally, our unparalleled community of riders, instructors, front desk staff, supporters, and partners make up the heart of who we are. We are diverse, we lift each other up, we’re friends, we’re family, and we’re there to better ourselves and the communities we support. Together, we are truly one of a kind.

    We hope that wherever your health and fitness journey leads you in the New Year, you’ll feel just as confident and supported as we do. It’s important to find a community that you believe in and who believes in you, and we’d love to see you at Zephyr soon. If it’s your first time, don’t forget about our new client special – first week of class for just $18. Tap here to learn more.

  • Sweat For A Cause: Why we give back and how you can too

    We feel so fortunate to call Bozeman, Montana, home for many different reasons.

    Fresh air, mountain views, stunning sunsets, and access to the outdoors top anyone’s list. But, the one that stands out above the rest is the incredible people that make up this singular community.

    After calling Bozeman home for more than 18 months, we know first-hand just how special the people here are. We’ve encountered many incredible businesses, sweat alongside amazing individuals, and help support those that do a tremendous amount of good for this town.

    As a way to say “thank you” to the people of Bozeman, we host numerous events that give back to the causes and organizations that make Bozeman a home unlike any other.

    Why We Give Back

    Core to our mission is strengthening our town by supporting the incredible people and organizations that do so much good for this community. We want to bring people together, support meaningful causes, and have a great time while doing it in the best way we know how – with a serious sweat!

    Zephyr has supported 15 organizations in the past 18 months and we’ve raised more than $7,000 for them. We are whole-heartedly dedicated to helping others with no plan on slowing down anytime soon.

    How We Give Back

    We give back in numerous ways. First and foremost, we host ZephyrGives rides. Riders book their bikes for $18 and 100% of the proceeds go directly to support a different organization.

    Check out some of our past ZephyrGives and hop on our email list to be notified when our next event goes live!

    Next, we’re currently partnering with the Bozeman Co-op and HRDC for the month of November for our first-ever ZephyrGiving! If you donate $10 to fund the Healthy KidsPack Program and take 12 classes at Z during the month of November, the Bozeman Co-op and Zephyr will both match your donation – tripling its value.

    You’ll also be given the chance to win various prizes from both the Co-op and Zephyr throughout November. We hope you join us!

    Finally, we love being involved with other organizations and events around town that give back to the Bozeman community such as last month’s Girl Talk event and by donating class passes to auctions hosted by local non-profits including Eagle Mount, Bridgercare, Gallatin Valley Farm to School and Heroes & Horses . Events such as this make a tremendous impact, and we couldn’t be more honored to be involved.

    Most importantly, we are so grateful to everyone who has shown their support in-person, online, or at these various events. Our Zephyr community effects change in our broader community, which is our ultimate goal. See you again soon!

    How To Get Involved

    1. Join us for ZephyrGiving now through November 30th. Start by donating here then booking your next class here!
    2. Come ride in an upcoming ZephyrGives event by hopping on our email list
    3. Have an event coming up and want Zephyr to be involved? Send us an email at hello@zephyrcyclingstudio. We’d love to hear more!


    Want more? Check out our blog post about how exercise helps your mental health.

  • 5 Ways To Mix It Up At Zephyr

    Indoor cycling comprises the core of what we do at Zephyr. We know Zephyr classes can provide huge benefits both physically and mentally – time and time again.

    But, we also believe in the power of mixing things up.

    Why Mix Up Your Workouts?

    benefit of mixing up your workouts

    Mixing up your workouts can help avoid fitness plateaus, prevent overuse injuries, and even get you excited about working out again if the fire just isn’t quite there all the time.

    We’ve rounded up five ways you can start mixing up your workouts right here at Zephyr. Give them a try next time you’re feeling a little burnt out or want to try something different. The results may just surprise you!

    1. Give Dash+ or Elevate A Try

    Dash+ and Elevate are two intensive cross-training classes taught by instructor Sarah White and are both held in the Loft on a weekly basis.

    Dash+ starts out with a 25-minute cycling class and an additional 25 minutes of strength, mobility and flexibility training in the Loft.

    Elevate is another off-the-bike class designed to balance your body and take your fitness to the next level. With 50 full minutes of strength and mobility exercises, this class allows you to build strength while opening up those tight hips that may do a lot of cycling.

    P.S. Stay on the lookout for our brand new HIIT Class coming to the Loft next month! It’s going to be a good one.

    2. Choose Heavier Weights

    We know. There’s just something so satisfying about being able to hold those hand weights up during the entirety of an arm series during an Uplift classes. But why not challenge yourself next time you’re in class with a heavier set of weights? Mix it up and push yourself a little bit further in order to see even more benefits of all your hard work.

    3. Check Out Angie Kelley

    Have you heard? Personal trainer Angie Kelley is now offering private sessions in the Loft as well as Foundation Training classes three times a week! Angie specializes in Foundation Training, a highly sought after method that teaches your body to move better by activating and strengthening key muscle groups. Tap here for more information and to sign up for a session or for one of her classes.

    4. Come Early! Or Stay Late.

    If you’re a regular at Z, chances are you have a favorite class time. Whether you’re an early bird, a night owl, or somewhere in-between, giving a different class time a go could be a great way to mix up your regular routine. We have a variety of class times to choose including our 8 a.m. Revolve on Mondays with Chelsea, our 2 p.m. Uplift on Wednesdays with Jackie, our 6:30 p.m. Revolve on Mondays with Jake or our 12 p.m. Dash or Dash+ classes five days a week. Give ‘em a shot (and don’t forget, we have showers if you’re pressed for time)!

    5. Try a New Instructor

    We don’t mean to brag, but we think our Zephyr team is pretty incredible. With seven amazing instructors on the schedule each and every week, each class can bring a new and challenging way to Zephyr it up. Trying a new instructor is a great way to switch things up and still get a one-of-a-kind workout in. Check out the full schedule of classes here and experience something new.

    If you’re stuck in a rut or just want to try something new, we challenge you to give one of these options a try and see how it can bring a renewed sense of energy and a different type of workout to the table – all within our four walls.


    Check out our blog on the benefits of cross-training here.

  • 5 Ways To Recover Post-Ride and Come Back Even Stronger

    When you take a class at Zephyr, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling better than when you walked in. Those feel-good endorphins come from the sweat you earn while pushing yourself in class, the beat-based guidance from our awesome instructors, and the energy you get once you hop on that bike.how to recover post-cycling class

    A ride at Zephyr can push you past your limits and allow you to realize just how strong and powerful you really are. But when we push ourselves too much or too soon, we can sometimes wake up the next day feeling a bit sore or tired from all of that hard work.

    So how do you recover post-ride in order to come back faster, stronger, and better than before?

    One word: recovery.

    Now, there are a lot of different ways to recover, as everyone’s needs are different. In this blog post, we’re diving into five ways we like to recover that leave us feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle our next class at Zephyr.

    1. Hydrate

    A single cycling class can burn more than 600 calories. That burn can result in a lot of sweat, meaning lost electrolytes. Electrolytes are key to maintaining normal cell function and keeping your body hydrated. The recommended daily intake of water is half of your bodyweight in ounces, and if you sweat, it’s even more. Be sure to drink plenty of water after class (and drop a Nuun tablet in it for those electrolytes!) to replace lost fluids and electrolytes.

    2. Contrast Shower

    A contrast shower is a simple yet effective method for post-workout recovery. All you have to do is alternate between hot and cold water while taking a shower.

    The hot water dilates your blood vessels and increases blood circulation while the cold water constricts your blood vessels and decreases blood flow. The contrast creates a pump effect that flushes your body of lactic acid and other toxins that build up during exercise. This is a great way to lesson muscle soreness and come back to class feeling great.

    3. Keep Moving

    After a tough class, all you may want to do is lay on the couch, but studies actually show that light movement is the best option when trying to decrease muscle soreness. Light yoga, a gentle stretch, or a quick walk around the block when you’re feeling sore could do wonders.

    You could also visit Angie Kelley, who holds private personal training sessions in the Zephyr Loft on a weekly basis. Through Angie’s Foundation Training experience, she specializes in helping people strengthen their core and glutes in order to help them feel better and move better, no matter what their goals may be. Email Angie at angiefkelley@gmail.com to learn more!

    4. Get A Massage

    A post-workout massage can reduce inflammation and give your cells a little extra boost in producing the energy your body needs to function properly.

    For all of our annual unlimited members, Complete Body Works offers riders discounts on massages and facials. So next time you’re feeling a bit sore, hop on over to Complete Body Works. They’ll get you on the path to recovery in no time!

    5. A Good Night’s Sleep

    While you sleep, your body uses less energy but devotes more of it to muscle recovery. If you’re feeling sluggish after a tough workout, a nap or an early bedtime may do the trick. Not only will a good night’s rest refresh your mind, but your body will thank you as well.

    With indoor cycling, you get to choose how hard you work by adjusting your resistance and intensity. Work at your own level and listen to your body when you need to and strength will follow. As always, we recommend consulting with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program or trying a new post-workout recovery method. Safety is our number one priority.

    Check out our latest post about do’s and don’ts of cycling class!

  • A lot of doubts can accompany the thought of taking your first indoor cycling class.

    “It’s too hard”
    “It’s too scary.”
    “I’m not good enough.”
    “I’m going to die.”

    Even though indoor cycling has been around for years and has proven to be an effective, efficient, and fun workout, there’s still a stigma attached to it.

    We totally get it.

    Trying something new for the first time can be intimidating and downright scary, but we’re here to tell you that it is doable, that it is fun, and that you CAN Zephyr with us.

    At Zephyr, we welcome all people no matter your shape, size, gender, ability, or athleticism. Our studio is built on community, not on how well you can take a class.

    For the past month, we’ve been keeping our eyes and ears open over on our Instagram and have gathered up some major indoor cycling myths – ones that we’ve all probably fallen for at one point in time.

    So whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’ve never taken a spin class before, we’ve got eight indoor cycling myths that might scare you, even though they shouldn’t.

    Myth #1: It will make my thighs bulky.

    Haven’t you heard? Strong, muscular, powerful legs are in. Spinning will make your thighs capable of more than you know. It’s a great way to add definition while getting in a killer cardio push – talk about the best of both worlds!

    Myth #2: It’s too hard.

    Classes at Zephyr are entirely up to you – the speed, resistance, power, and push is dependent on what you are capable of in that moment. We encourage each rider to tune into his or her body and listen to what it needs.

    Myth #3: The instructor will yell at me.

    Each instructor at Zephyr serves as a guide by simply offering direction and suggestions in class. They are trained to keep you safe, moving with the music, and staying with your breath. If something they suggest doesn’t feel right for you, we encourage you to listen to your body and make adjustments as necessary – we always encourage you doing what is best for you.

    Myth #4: Indoor cycling only works my lower body.

    Zephyr classes provide a full-body workout. They work your heart, lungs, legs, arms, and your core. Our Uplift class also gives your upper body an extra push as hand weights are used during one or two songs.

    Myth #5: I have to be in shape to ride.

    All fitness levels are welcome at Zephyr. You don’t have to have any workout experience to try a class. Studies even show that indoor cycling is one of the gentlest workouts on your joints. Virtually anyone can do it!

    Myth #6: Indoor cycling is only for women.

    Zephyr has no gender preference. We’re for anyone who wants to get in a good sweat and have some serious fun, all while forming a strong, healthy community.

    Myth #7: Everyone will be watching me.

    The lights are off or down low in every Zephyr class to ensure that riders are focusing on themselves and tuning into their own bodies. No one cares what the person next to him or her is doing – they are here to support you, not to judge you.

    Myth #8: It’s the same as biking outside.

    Although biking outside and indoor cycling use similar muscles and mechanics, they are two different workouts. Biking outside can sometimes require more gear, time, and attention. So if you don’t have any of that, indoor cycling may be a great option to try. A Zephyr class can give you a place to tune into the music, close your eyes, and focus solely on your ride. You’ll also never have to worry about changing a flat tire.

    At the end of the day, quite a few myths exist that can scare people away from giving an indoor cycling class a try. We hope this blog post offers some clarity around indoor cycling and Zephyr, opens up your mind, and pushes you to walk through our doors in Bozeman, Montana, or wherever home is for you.

    You never know until you try.

  • Benefits Of An Indoor Workout, Even In The Summer

    In Montana, we’re lucky to get 3 months of consistent sunshine, and as an indoor cycling studio we know the importance of getting outside and enjoying that summer sun – especially when we live in a place as beautiful as Bozeman.

    benefits of an indoor workout in the summer

    Summer weather gives you a chance to take your 

    workout outside and we fully support that. We also support indoor workouts that complement your adventure-filled hikes, trail runs, and mountain bike rides. Indoor workouts are also a great way to keep your fitness level up and stay injury-free.

    At Zephyr, we don’t believe you need to choose between outdoor and indoor workouts during the summer months as these two can complement each other extremely well. Not only does it keep exercise exciting, but it also keeps it fun.

    Below, check out 5 benefits of an indoor workout, even in the summer months.


    If staying consistent with your workouts is tough, incorporating a Zephyr class can help you stay on track. That’s because we have set class times for our workouts as well as the option to sign up ahead of time. By incorporating a few indoor workouts a week on the same day and time, you’ll be able to stay consistent with your efforts and avoid saying no to a sweat session.


    Outdoor workouts such as trail running, hiking, or mountain biking require some pretty serious endurance and strength. That’s where a Zephyr class can help you stay injury-free, increase endurance, and keep your fitness level high. Switching up your workout can also help you avoid a serious overuse injury.

     Avoid the Heat

    Some summer days in Montana can get well over the 90-degree mark. This can pose a risk for dehydration, heat stroke, and muscle injury. On those hotter summer days, we recommend taking your workout inside for a Zephyr class in order to avoid the heat.


    At Zephyr, we love our community. Everyone is here for themselves; we respect one another, push each other, and lift each other up. It’s a special community of like-minded individuals that can only be found inside our four walls.


    Need someone to keep you accountable? An indoor cycling class at Zephyr may just be the answer! People attending class are encouraged to sign-up beforehand. This is to ensure you have a bike as well as encourage you to come to class. Signing up is easy with our website and can even be done on your phone with the MindBody app – just download and search for Zephyr!

    As you can see, indoor and outdoor workouts are both equally beneficial. We here at Zephyr encourage you to enjoy the Great Outdoors of Montana as well as come ride with us in the studio. We know you won’t regret it.


    Want more? Check out our post on 5 Ways Exercise Helps Your Mental Health here.

  • Zephyr 101: Riding Do’s and Don’ts

    Riding at Zephyr is all about having fun, working on your fitness, and listening to your body in order to have the best ride possible. It’s also about having a safe and effective ride both on and off the bike.

    Indoor Cycling Do's and Don'ts

    Earlier this month, we had our very first Zephyr 101 class where we went back to the basics. We touched on setting up your bike properly, correct form in all three hand positions, and how to move through transitions safely and smoothly. Our riders walked away feeling empowered, confident, and ready to tackle their next indoor cycling class.

    So for this month’s blog post, we wanted to share all of the information we covered in Zephyr 101 with those that didn’t get the chance to join us in class.

    Below you will find a few riding do’s and don’ts in order to stay safe, have fun, and get the best workout you possibly can.

    Remember Your Form

    Pull back in the saddle, lightly grip the handlebars, make sure your airways are open, and keep your core engaged. Good form should be your number one priority – even before the beat.

    Hydrate (All Day)

    Zephyr is one of those workouts where you sweat…a lot! That’s why it’s important to replenish those lost fluids and electrolytes through drinking water before, during, and after class.

    Embrace The Sweat

    Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself down, which is a very good thing. Embrace it! If you need to wipe some of it away, we provide towels at no extra charge to every rider who takes class.

    Move To The Music

    At Zephyr, we ride to the beat of the music. You want to find the downbeat and start to move your pedal stroke to match it. Once you find it, you can adjust your resistance knob to either slow your legs (more resistance) or speed them up (less resistance).

    Book Ahead Of Time

    We are so thankful for those who continue to ride with us week after week, and also to our newbies trying us out for the first time! This means that we are getting busier, so it’s a great idea to book your class ahead of time. Our new website makes booking easier than ever or you can download the free MindBody app!

    Modify If Needed

    Our instructors are meant to give you suggestions and cues, but if something doesn’t feel right, we encourage you to adjust and listen to your body.


    Indoor cycling is a great workout for endurance, stamina, and strength. In order to fully maximize your workout, we suggest stretching for a few extra minutes after class or when you get home from your ride.

    Compare Yourself To Other Riders

    There is no “one size fits all” approach for every rider. Each person looks different and uses different resistances, yet, we are all capable of amazing things.

    Tense Up On The Bike

    A huge piece of the foundation is the breath. Make sure that the airways are open and that your head is fully aligned from the top to the back of your tailbone. Always come back to that inhale and exhale as it allows you to relax into the movement.

    Show Up Late

    We pride ourselves on being respectful of everyone’s time by getting you in and out the door right on schedule. If you know you’re going to be late, just give us a call so we can plan accordingly and get you a bike by the door setup for a smooth transition.

    Ride Without Resistance

    You want your muscles to stay engaged for a safe and effective ride, and by riding without resistance, you increase your risk for injury. Always remember you can come back to that base gear at any time.

    Rely On The Handlebars

    The handlebars are merely a guide for your hands in each of the three positions. In order to keep your core engaged the entire time, rest your hands lightly on the handlebars and focus on your breath.

    Skip The Stretch

    Stretching is so important in cooling your body down and bringing your mind back to neutral. We stretch after every ride because we see it as an opportunity to maximize your workout.

    Be Afraid To Ask For Help

    Our instructors are highly trained and educated professionals who are there to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask.

    For more indoor cycling tips, check out our recent blog post on learning the Zephyr lingo!

  • 5 Ways Exercise Helps Your Mental Health

    A lot of people pound the pavement or hit a workout class to get the physical benefits of exercise. Thosebenefits include toned muscles, better heart health, a stronger core, and of course, that summer bod, and who doesn’t want all of that?

    Those are definitely great “side effects” of exercise, but breaking a sweat does a lot more than just affect the outside – it affects the inside as well by having a positive impact on your mental health.

    the mental health benefits of exercise

    Studies show that working out can give you some pretty amazing mental benefits, and we’re not just referring to the feel-good sensation you get when you walk out of that Zephyr class. We’re talking about the long-term benefits that impact your overall mental health, such as easing anxiety and depression.


    The Mental Health Benefits

    So, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to shed light on the five ways exercise can help your mental well-being. Some of them might just surprise you.



    On a very basic level, the physical benefits of exercise can play a part in your overall self-esteem. Studies show that the more regularly you exercise, the higher your positive self-image, regardless of your age, weight, gender, or size.



    According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, a sweat-drenched workout can boost creativity for up to two hours after you workout. So next time you need a boost of creative thinking, hit the trails or hop in a cycling class to really get your right brain working.



    It’s proven that people who workout on a regular basis have more energy than people who don’t. This energy translates into doing more, getting more done, and having a better experience while doing it.


    Lowers Anger + Frustration

    Exercise releases endorphins, which create feelings of happiness and euphoria. When these endorphins are released more often, your anger tolerance is shown to increase. This increase allows you to react to anger and frustration in a calmer, more controlled manner.


    Eases Anxiety

    Move over bubble baths. Exercise can do wonders for those struggling with anxiety. The chemicals released post-work out reduce feelings overwhelmingness and fear that come with anxiety.


    So now you know – working out can have positive benefits that far outweigh the physical body, not to mention “beach season.” Gaining self-confidence, handling your emotions, and improving your overall well-being are just a few of the reasons why exercise can be a driving force for better mental health.

    Interested in the science behind the benefits of working out? Check out our blog post on the effects of exercise on your brain here.

  • Nicole Meline is an NYC-based yoga and cycle instructor with a spiritual twist. She leads transcendental workouts that connect the body to the mind, as well as wellness retreats around the world. Nicole’s been a long-time friend of Zephyr, and we are so excited to be a part of her Nomadic Belonging Retreat coming to Bozeman, Montana, this May!

    Everyone, meet Nicole.

    Who is Nicole Meline?

    I believe in spirited movement and revelatory stillness. That our world deserves our strength. That we are made to move in ways that astonish us, lifelong. That physical movement can be a spiritually seismic event. That breath and sweat are doorways to the heart—noise cancelling headphones for the symphony of our original, singular DNA. That ultimately, the metric that matters is joy.

    I grew up in California and have been based in New York City for the last 9 years. I think a lot about the interplay of future-focused ambition and grateful curiosity about the here and now. I am energized by New York City’s obsession with ambition, but inspired to create practices of gratitude and attention that ignite joy here and now, in the midst and muck of the present.

    I believe in plunging deep into the rivers and risking long hauls down all the roads that call us, letting them lead and interweave in their own time. For me, that’s meant many years in graduate school in the humanities, and an embodied education in fitness and wellness practices including yoga, pilates, and barre teacher training, Ironman races, fitness industry consulting, and three years as a Master Instructor at Peloton.

    My center of gravity is a full-bodied pursuit of joy. I love to catalyze clients and communities to craft lives and enterprises that embody joyful creativity.

    Currently, I create transcendent online workouts at tv.nicolemeline.com, mentor leaders and instructors, and lead soulful adventure retreats around the world, including Nomadic Belonging: Montana, our Spring Breakthrough gathering at Zephyr and Foster Creek Farm this May 10-13th! I’ve created a full or one-day retreat option for the Zephyr family, and would love for you to join the party.

    How did you get started in the health and fitness industry?

    I needed a job in grad school that would let me work funky hours. It was either bar tending or fitness. I went with the more sustainable party 😉

    What do you mean by “transcendental workouts”?

    You know that feeling when you’re in sync with the beat, eyes closed, and you start to remember your power? You surprise yourself with your endurance or speed or grace? And suddenly you see yourself, and your life, in a new light? From a new height? Like your circumstances and choices have to live up to this feeling? And maybe those are tears, or maybe dreams, or your heart interrupting , erupting? For starters…

    Your teaching style is different from the norm. Could you describe your unique style and how that came about?

    Soulful athleticism. Spirited movement. Revelatory stillness. Equal attention to the mechanics of the body and the expanse of the soul. In all of my studies—academic, artistic, or athletic—I’m always just hoping for one thing: to be moved. I have studied under risk-taking, category-upturning teachers across many modalities and absorbed tools but more importantly a spirit of how to create community, possibility, and vision in the space of a class.

    You also host rad wellness retreats all around the world. What got you started in this exciting endeavor?

    I couldn’t help myself. Nomadic Belonging is the overflow of joy I’ve felt in extraordinary places around the world I felt I had to share with others in a way that sparks transformation. I couldn’t be more excited it bring this experience to Montana. And there’s still a few spots open in our upcoming South of France adventure this August. You’re invited!

    You’re set to host one in Bozeman, Montana, this May. Could you tell us a little bit about it and what we can expect?

    Blank slate mornings of ALTER yoga journeys, followed by indoor cycling at Zephyr, afternoon workshops to spark your creativity, farm-to-table feasts, igniting workshops, edgy conversations, deep-end friendships, winding trails, daydreaming, sunset yoga, and nights around the campfire under the stars at Foster Creek Farm.

    How can we sign-up?

    The Zephyr family can sign up for the full retreat (everything but accommodation) here.
    And a one-day retreat option for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday here.

    Words to sweat by:

    Embody yourself fully.

    Connect with Nicole!

    P.S. Be on the lookout for Nicole’s teaching schedule at Zephyr during the first week of May!