5 Ways To Recover Post-Ride and Come Back Even Stronger

When you take a class at Zephyr, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling better than when you walked in. Those feel-good endorphins come from the sweat you earn while pushing yourself in class, the beat-based guidance from our awesome instructors, and the energy you get once you hop on that bike.how to recover post-cycling class

A ride at Zephyr can push you past your limits and allow you to realize just how strong and powerful you really are. But when we push ourselves too much or too soon, we can sometimes wake up the next day feeling a bit sore or tired from all of that hard work.

So how do you recover post-ride in order to come back faster, stronger, and better than before?

One word: recovery.

Now, there are a lot of different ways to recover, as everyone’s needs are different. In this blog post, we’re diving into five ways we like to recover that leave us feeling more refreshed and ready to tackle our next class at Zephyr.

1. Hydrate

A single cycling class can burn more than 600 calories. That burn can result in a lot of sweat, meaning lost electrolytes. Electrolytes are key to maintaining normal cell function and keeping your body hydrated. The recommended daily intake of water is half of your bodyweight in ounces, and if you sweat, it’s even more. Be sure to drink plenty of water after class (and drop a Nuun tablet in it for those electrolytes!) to replace lost fluids and electrolytes.

2. Contrast Shower

A contrast shower is a simple yet effective method for post-workout recovery. All you have to do is alternate between hot and cold water while taking a shower.

The hot water dilates your blood vessels and increases blood circulation while the cold water constricts your blood vessels and decreases blood flow. The contrast creates a pump effect that flushes your body of lactic acid and other toxins that build up during exercise. This is a great way to lesson muscle soreness and come back to class feeling great.

3. Keep Moving

After a tough class, all you may want to do is lay on the couch, but studies actually show that light movement is the best option when trying to decrease muscle soreness. Light yoga, a gentle stretch, or a quick walk around the block when you’re feeling sore could do wonders.

You could also visit Angie Kelley, who holds private personal training sessions in the Zephyr Loft on a weekly basis. Through Angie’s Foundation Training experience, she specializes in helping people strengthen their core and glutes in order to help them feel better and move better, no matter what their goals may be. Email Angie at angiefkelley@gmail.com to learn more!

4. Get A Massage

A post-workout massage can reduce inflammation and give your cells a little extra boost in producing the energy your body needs to function properly.

For all of our annual unlimited members, Complete Body Works offers riders discounts on massages and facials. So next time you’re feeling a bit sore, hop on over to Complete Body Works. They’ll get you on the path to recovery in no time!

5. A Good Night’s Sleep

While you sleep, your body uses less energy but devotes more of it to muscle recovery. If you’re feeling sluggish after a tough workout, a nap or an early bedtime may do the trick. Not only will a good night’s rest refresh your mind, but your body will thank you as well.

With indoor cycling, you get to choose how hard you work by adjusting your resistance and intensity. Work at your own level and listen to your body when you need to and strength will follow. As always, we recommend consulting with your doctor before beginning a new exercise program or trying a new post-workout recovery method. Safety is our number one priority.

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