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Meet Team Z

Carolyn Nelson

Founder & Owner, Master Instructor

Meet Carolyn
  • Carolyn is the founder and owner of Zephyr Cycling Studio. A Montana native, Carolyn’s love for music, movement, words and community created Zephyr’s foundation.
  • Zephyr itself is more than a boutique cycling studio – it’s a community that moves together, because movement is how Carolyn has found community no matter where she’s lived (Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Maine, New York). Zephyr has been voted Bozeman’s Best Place to Get Fit in 2020, 2021, and 2022 in Bozeman Magazine’s reader’s choice poll, and Carolyn was voted Bozeman’s Best Community Business Leader in the same poll in 2021.
  • When not at Zephyr, you can find Carolyn out on the trails with her husband, Isaac, and their two dogs, Andy and Lua (who you will frequently see around the studio), volunteering at a local animal shelter or enjoying dinner at any number of her favorite Bozeman restaurants.

Jackie Adamek

Studio Director, Master Instructor

Meet Jackie
  • Hailing from the land of 10,000 lakes, Jackie has found herself right where her heart belongs in Montana.
  • Fully grasps the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle with no attempt to tame her wild heart.
  • Full-time senior instructor and studio director at Zephyr, mom to sweet Larkin and dog-mom to rescued pup Lola and Beartooth the Pug, smile and laugh-addict, Jackie lives to motivate others.
  • Jackie brings the “jamz” (and yes, with a “z”), positivity, and energy into her classes where she not only wants people to sweat, but to ALSO have a helluva time doing so.
  • Don’t let the blonde hair (and other arrays of pink pastels) or giggles fool you – Jackie comes ready to bike hard every class. She loves the feeling of the music guiding every pedal stroke along with the energy every person brings to each class.

Devin Archilla

Senior Instructor

Meet Devin
  • A lifelong adventurer, Dev hopped around the globe and coast to coast growing up. She found herself moving to MT for college and has yet to leave.
  • Dev graduated with highest honors in Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship from Montana State University in 2014.
  • When she’s not sweating it out at Zephyr, you can find her in the mountains hitting the trails all season long with her hubs Mark and fluffy Border Collie/Pyrenees adventure pup, Thor.
  • For as long as Dev can remember, she has always enjoyed being physically active. Breakfast is her all time favorite meal, and most days she’s up and on her second cup of coffee for the sunrise.
  • Dev now runs her own photography business, Devin Helen Boudoir, through which she takes her own unique twist on empowering women through photography. Interested in learning more? Check out her website at
  • Why does she want to teach at Zephyr? Simple. For people to believe in themselves. To let go, and to have a freaking fun time not only working their bodies, but also their hearts and their minds.

Merrit Geary


Meet Merrit
  • Originally from Northern California, Merrit grew up coming to Montana – either fishing or skiing in the Big Hole Valley. Montana always felt like an extension of home and now it really is home.
  • Outside of Zephyr, Merrit works on the marketing team at MyVillage, a local start-up empowering female entrepreneurs to start their own childcare business.
  • When she’s not on the bike, you can find her on any trail with her favorite running partner, June (her little yellow lab), or fishing and hiking throughout the state with those she loves most. She is a true lover of the sunshine and temps above zero.
  • It was love at first class with Zephyr, the entire experience. Merrit’s favorite moments on the bike are when drive, inspiration, and the music all hit you at once. Fast beats, strong hills… all of it while listening to your favorite music? Yes, that’s the magic!

Morgan Hagfors


Meet Morgan
  • Originally from New York, Morgan found love in Montana.
  • Long-time Zephyr rider who loves what a strong beat can do for the soul. She hopes that riders leave class with a feeling of pride and a good tune stuck in their head.
  • When not on the bike, you can find Morgan and her fiancé, Bryn, chasing around their Berners, Ranger and Pepper.
  • Like a true New Yorker, Morgan takes her Italian cooking very seriously and is always ready to whip up a quick tray of ziti!

Maddy Halvorson

Senior Instructor

Meet Maddy
  • Maddy grew up in the flatlands of North Dakota; however, she and her family regularly visited Montana, and she fell in love with the landscape and people. She just couldn’t picture herself living anywhere else, so she transferred her education to Montana State and is pursuing her degree in Elementary Education. 
  • When Maddy isn’t at the studio, you can usually find her hiking, fishing, and skiing. She loves to cook, travel, and spend time with family and friends and chocolate lab, Finny!
  • Maddy found her passion for cycling when she was visiting a studio on the West Coast. She fell in love with the energy and rhythmic movement. When she discovered Zephyr in Bozeman, her heart immediately knew she had found a studio where she fit in and all just felt right.
  • Maddy’s favorite way to move is to dance on the bike. Being an instructor to her means to inspire others to believe in themselves and to love who they are. 

Jake Steding

Master Instructor

Meet Jake
  • A transplant from the plains of North Dakota, Jake came to Bozeman for college and stayed for the mountains.
  • Music with a solid beat fuels him in the office and on the bike regardless of decade or genre – but know you’ll hear some of yours (and his) favorite top forty guilty pleasures in class.
  • When he’s not pursuing his architecture license or sweating it out at the studio, he’s on a trail with Gilly (his Great Pyrenees hunk o’ love), the slopes, drawing up a killer logo, or on occasion lost in a Netflix series.
  • Special skills include but are not limited to dog sitting, making a mean hot-dish and knitting the most rad socks you’ve ever worn.

Carly Strods

Senior Instructor

Meet Carly
  • Originally from upstate NY, Carly grew up visiting Montana with family and fell in love with the mountains and Bozeman way of life.
  • Product Line Manager at Simms Fishing Products and dog mom to rescue pup Reece, Carly is all about looking at life with a glass half full mentality, and motivating others.
  • Having had a passion for wellness and staying active since an early age, exercise and movement have always been a constant in Carly‘s life. The words, music, and community that Zephyr brings to the table have taken her passion to another level.

Cayli Slette

Instructor, Operations Coordinator

Meet Cayli
  • Originally from North Dakota but graduated from Montana State University in 2019 and has no intentions of leaving!
  • Fell in love with Zephyr because of the music, the people, and most of all, the community that surrounds the studio.
  • Beyond the studio, you can find her hiking, skiing, or really anything in the mountains with her sidekick, a mini Aussie named June Bug.

Megan Hartwig

Front Desk Staff

Meet Megan
  • A former Wisconsin cheesehead, Megan relocated to Montana in 2016 to complete her degree in Community Health and Preventive Medicine at the University of Montana. 

  • Outside of Zephyr, she enjoys hiking, reading and exploring new places. Megan also works at Copper Whiskey Bar where she is perfecting her whiskey knowledge. 

  • From a young age, Megan has found peace through nature and exercise. After a knee injury decommissioned her for months, Megan began spinning at Sobba Cycle in Missoula. She fell in love with the flow of endorphins she felt after each class as well as the community support she found at the studio. Megan moved to Bozeman in August 2020 and quickly gravitated to Zephyr where she allows movement to guide her as she adjusts to her new home.

Taylor Hook

Front Desk Staff

Meet Taylor
  • Originally from Kirkland, Washington Taylor moved to Bozeman 10 years ago with her family. She’s currently a senior at MSU studying Business Marketing and International Business.
    Outside of Zephyr you can find her skiing, hiking, or just out and about playing in the mountains.
  • In addition to her position at Z Taylor also works and Cafe M and #GIRLGETAFTERIT.
  • Taylor fell in love with Z because of the incredible energy, the dedicated community, and the BOMB music! What’s not to love?!

Erin Hurd

Front Desk Staff

Meet Erin
  • Originally from Denver, Colorado. Moved to Bozeman in 2015 for college and her love for the outdoors. Graduated from Montana State University in 2021 with a BFA in graphic design. 
  • Loves Zephyr because of the energy, community, and welcoming atmosphere. 
  • Beyond the studio, you can find her skiing, hiking, and making anything art related from graphics to metalsmithing. She also loves to travel and cook.

Andesite (Andy)

Studio Pup


Studio Pup


Studio Pup