Claire Mitchell


Claire grew up in Michigan and has always loved being outside – running, skiing, camping, biking, you name it. She was finally able to make the move out to Montana three years ago so she could spend her days doing what she loves in the mountains. Claire has a PhD in adult learning from the University of Virginia and has worked in academics, preparing and supervising secondary student instructors, as well as in consulting, helping colleges and universities across the country develop their strategic plans. She considers herself a lifelong learner and if it was up to her, she’d be in school forever! She loves Zephyr for the connection and community it brings her — and so many others —on and off the bike. She believes the music and movement at Z are just two elements allowing us to learn, grow, and push our own limits; the community is what connects and grounds us in such a meaningful way. When not on the bike, Claire is probably out skiing, trail running, or camping in the Spanish Peaks, Hyalite, or the Beartooths. Her two French bulldogs, Violet and Dottie, and rescue pup, Goldie, are her entire world and accompany her on many of her adventures…a reminder that we are so much more capable than what we can come to believe.