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  • Starting the school year can feel quite overwhelming for many students, teachers and staff who are changing up routines and transitioning back from summer break.

    how exercise helps college students head back to school

    College students can especially feel a little off. Moving away form home, meeting new friends and, of course, more intense studying can bring on some unwanted academic overwhelm.

    Even though you may feel that you have no time to spare to perform any sort of exercise during this transition, moving your body has some pretty incredible benefits when it comes to heading back to school with more energy, focus and clarity than ever.

    To help you through this transition, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why it’s important that you find ways to stay active while you head back to the classroom. Your academic performance, mood and body will thank you!


    Relieves Stress and Improves Mood

    Regular exercise can help relieve stress and improve your overall mood by releasing endorphins and serotonin into the body. By relieving the stress from all the studying, teaching, pressure, and lifestyle changes, the risk of stress related health problems – both mental (anxiety and depression) and physical (stomach problems and cardiovascular issues, for example) –  decreases.


    Boosts Brain Cell Development

    Studies show that moving your body helps boost brain cell development as well as improves the connections between brain neurons and cognitive performance. This boost can correlate to improving your grades and allowing you to have an easier time in the classroom.


    Improves Memory

    Other studies have shown that exercising improves human memory. This is a great benefit when trying to cram for an exam or when you want to ensure that what you learned this semester will stick with you for longer that a couple of months. It’s also great for teachers who need a little extra boost to give their students the best information possible. 


    Increases Concentration and Focus

    Working out has been proven to increase concentration and focus. By improving these, you have a better chance of actively participating in class while retaining the information you have just learned.


    With regular exercise, you will feel less stressed, more energized, and ready to take on the school year with improved memory and cognitive performance.

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