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  • 5 Ways Indoor Cycling Prepares You For The Trails

    Spring is here! With warmer weather in plain sight, we can’t help but get a little antsy to explore the trails, be in the mountains, and take in everything that Bozeman has to indoor cycling prepares you for the mountain trails

    Even though we’re an indoor cycling studio, we absolutely love getting outside. And because we are an indoor cycling studio, we feel extra ready to take on the Great Outdoors because of the health and fitness benefits that cycling provides – stronger legs, better cardiovascular endurance, and lowering our risk for injury – to name a few.

    All in all, having a Zephyr routine makes us better athletes, both mentally and physically.

    Whether you’ve been riding at Z for months (maybe years!) or are brand new to the indoor cycling scene, we wanted to give you five ways that indoor cycling prepares you for those mountain trails – because, let’s face it, Bozeman has the best mountain access there is and we all need to explore and enjoy it as much as we can.


    1. You’ll be better prepared for spring and summer.

    Montana winters can be brutal, and when the skiing is slow or the snow just doesn’t appeal to you, an indoor cycling class can be a saving grace. By keeping up with your fitness routine in the colder months, you’ll be more in shape, physically ready to take on the trails, and mentally prepared to get active.

    1. You can ride stronger.

    If mountain biking is your thing, Zephyr is a great place to train on your off days or incorporate into your weekly routine. Indoor cycling strengthens those same muscles used for mountain biking – core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, and yes, even biceps (check out our Uplift classes).

    1. You can hike longer.

    Endurance is our middle name. With rides ranging from 50 to 90 minutes, incorporating Zephyr into your routine will give your cardiovascular health a noticeable boost. Our cardio-based classes will help you hike longer, higher and faster when the time comes.

    1. You can run faster.

    Are you a trail runner? Indoor cycling provides a great complement to running. Not only does it help your endurance and strength (listed above), but the interval work we do in our Zephyr classes can help you become an even faster runner by strengthening those fast- and slow-twitch muscle groups. Talk about a win-win.

    1. You’ll be able to prevent injuries.

    The mountains can require a variety of technical skills depending on terrain, changing conditions, and activities. Zephyr is a low-impact workout, which helps strengthen your muscles with very little pressure on your joints. This low-impact exercise is great for injury prevention, making you agile and ready for any type of adventure.


    Getting into the mountains and hitting those trails is just what our community craves this time of year. We are so grateful to be able to provide a space to fuel those mountain adventures and provide a workout that allows you to become a better, stronger athlete.

    Check out our schedule here!