Our First ZephyrGives Ride: The Bozeman 3

At Zephyr, we value community above all else, and giving back to Bozeman is one of the ways in which we demonstrate our gratitude, which is how our ZephyrGives rides came to be. During these rides, we give 100% of the profit (and the good energy) to a worthy cause. We are thrilled to be partnering with The Bozeman 3, an organization that supports Gallatin County families whose children have received a cancer diagnosis, for our inaugural ZephyrGives ride. To learn more about TB3, we touched base with Christy Castronovo, the president of the board, and Emily Cook, a member of the board. Read on, then book your bike for this Friday night’s 5:30 p.m. ride!

How did The Bozeman 3 begin, and what is your connection to it?

Christy Castronovo: The Bozeman 3 began when three families from the Gallatin Valley met in at the Seattle Children’s Hospital’s oncology unit in early 2012. While their children each faced different forms of cancer, the three families shared a common desire to support other local families who could one day face similar challenges. The result of their shared experience, support for one another, and resolve to fight as well as the support of their family and friends is The Bozeman 3. On a personal level, I am a breast cancer survivor and wanted to get involved here in Bozeman. I’ve been on the board for few years and am currently the president of the board.

Emily Cook: I have followed a few B3 children over the last few years and felt deeply for them and their families. I felt blessed for where I was in my life and knew I needed to help! So many beautiful, innocent kiddos getting their world rocked… I couldn’t continue to sit back, I needed to help in any possible way I could.

What are some of the ways in which The Bozeman 3 supports Gallatin County families each year?

CC: The majority of the money we raise goes to support local families whose children have cancer and a small portion goes to research. The Bozeman 3 works with local pediatricians and family practice doctors to provide valuable materials to families with children newly diagnosed with cancer in order to help them transition to out-of-state hospitals, where most care for children with cancer occurs. The Bozeman 3 also provides families with the opportunity to apply for both immediate and ongoing financial assistance. Since we began, we have impacted more than 10 families.

EC: I am new to the board so I am still meeting families, hearing stories for the first time and learning the ropes. I just know in my heart of hearts the money we donate, which is 100% of what we raise, makes a difference. These families’ burdens are beyond measure, so any burden that we can help ease is one less thing that needs to take them away from their sweet children. I am really looking forward to witnessing more stories of how The Bozeman 3 has helped families in our community.

A ZephyrGives pass is $18. What are some examples of what $18 can do to support a family?

CC: As so many families must travel out of state for care, a ZephyrGives pass and the combined efforts of a ZephyrGives ride will help fill up the car for a drive to Denver or Seattle or Salt Lake City or contribute to an airline ticket.  It will also help provide meals and housing for families while they are traveling for treatment and appointments.

Beyond the ZephyrGives ride, what are some ways in which anyone interested in doing more may be able to help?

CC: Our boards and committees are 100% comprised of volunteers and we have events throughout the year for which we always appreciate help.  In addition, sharing our Facebook page and posts really helps us spread the word. You can find more ways to help here, and please don’t hesitate to call (406.624.3322) or email us for more ideas!

EC: Donate.. any tiny little bit helps! It all adds up! Join us throughout the year as we raise money in the various different ways. If you can’t donate money reach out, let us know how you would like to help! Lastly spread the word of who we are and what we do. The Bozeman 3 isn’t a large board. We do our best to reach out to the community to raise awareness and can always use help spreading the word of who we are and what we do!