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  • Right now, we’re in a big seasonal transition as we head out of summer and straight into fall. staying grounded during season of change

    School is back in session, it’s starting to get colder, we’re shifting our routine to accommodate the changes, our clients’ schedules are shifting, the days are getting shorter, and we’re most likely busier than ever.

    Our system becomes unsettled when we have to navigate a lot of change, and even the most minor things can really throw us off.  We snap back, we lose our patience, we get in a hurry, we feel constantly anxious, and unfortunately, we often beat ourselves up in the process.

    During periods of change, we often shame ourselves for not being able to stay grounded. We feel irritated, overwhelmed and exhausted. We’ve all be trapped in the pattern before, but what if we could be compassionate with ourselves and with others during this change? Better yet, what if we were aware of the impact transitions had on our system as a whole so that we could take better preventative measures?

    To help you navigate this season of change, we’ve outlined a handful of tips on how you can stay more grounded during this shift.


    Acknowledge the Change

    One of the first steps to staying grounded during an immense season of change is to simply acknowledge the transition that’s happening. Say to yourself, “I’m going through a lot of changes right now. I feel a little uncomfortable. It’s okay to feel this way.” This little reminder will help you navigate this season with a little more grace and ease.


    Create a Daily Practice

    Having a daily practice during big transitions can create a sense of stability and calm. This could be something as simple as creating a ritual around washing your face in the morning or writing down what happened that day before you head to sleep. The need for structure is strong during periods of change, and these daily practices can help you feel at ease.


    Take Care of Your Body

    Ask your body what it needs during this time. Is it more sleep? More movement? More nutrients? Pay attention to what your body is telling you and give it what it needs.


    Find Your Support System

    At Zephyr, we know the power of community. Having other people who get what you’re going through and serve no judgment in the process can relieve a lot of discomfort during a period of growth and transition. If you’re looking for that support system, we welcome you into Z – a space where we encourage everyone to show up completely as themselves.

    Check out our blog post that shares how to find your fitness community here.


    Practice Compassion, Towards Self and Others

    A time of change can be an especially hard moment in which to practice compassion. A few ways that can help are to hang out with a friend or family member that can give and receive empathy. Another way is to develop a simple mantra that you can say to yourself when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or anxious – practice saying, “I am enough.”


    We hope these tips help you transition into a new season of life, to practice a little compassion, and show yourself a little more support. You are enough.