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  • 5 Ways To Find Your Fitness Community

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    It’s no surprise how much we love our Zephyr community.

    how to find your fitness communityOur riders, instructors, social media followers, and the businesses we connect with, provide a support system that we’re grateful for each and every day.

    In other words, our community gives us all the feels. So whether you follow us on Instagram or ride with us in person, thank you for being a part of the Zephyr family.

    But, we know that finding your own fitness community can be quite intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to start. Questions such as:

    What studios should I check out?

    How do I meet new people interested in similar things?

    Why do I even need a fitness community?

    These questions, among many others, can make finding your fitness community intimidating, draining, and not very enjoyable.

    And, we totally get it.

    That’s why we want to show you that it really is doable by giving you five ways you can find your own fitness community, without the stress or the intimidation.

    Try new things.

    You’ll never be able to find your fitness community if you’re afraid to try new things. This can be checking out various studios, trying new instructors, or just taking a different class time than you normally would. Once you try new things, you’ll discover a studio or a workout that resonates with you.

    Get to know the instructors.

    Instructors are there for you. Introduce yourself next time you get to class a little early or maybe let them know how awesome class was once you finish. Instructors love to meet new clients and hear your feedback!

    Say hello to the person next to you (really!). 

    Next time you’re in class, say hello to the person next to you. A lot of the time, the same people go to the same classes, yet they rarely ever meet. Introducing yourself to this familiar group of people will make it a lot easier to say hello or strike up a conversation next time you’re in class.

    Hop on a newsletter.

    Most studios and gyms have a newsletter list you can sign-up for. These newsletters usually go out one or two times a month to keep their communities “in the know.” It’s a great way to stay connected on the latest deals, new studio happenings, and current events you could join in on.

    Want to hop on Zephyr’s newsletter? Join here!

    Get social. 

    Another way to connect with a fitness community is by getting social on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. They often give you a look into the studio culture or what their workouts are like before you even step foot in the door. It’s also a great way to stay connected when you can’t make it to class.


    Having a community matters, especially when it comes to your own health and fitness. Feeling supported, having some accountability, and making new connections will help you stay consistent and achieve your goals. These five tips with help you find your own fitness community, without the stress or the intimidation.