Merrit Geary

Senior Instructor

A Montana State University Alum, Merrit has lived in Bozeman since 2014 but her love for the state began long before that. She spent Summers and Winters in the Big Hole Valley with her family dating back well before she can even remember. Montana has always been home. Merrit is the Founder of Alpen Outdoors, a female-first technical apparel brand aiming to get women outdoors and in the right gear. Born and built right here in the last best place. When Merrit isn’t on the bike you can find her on any river, fishing or enjoying the company in the boat, hiking or running in and around the valley, and most likely laughing or bringing the jokes any time she can. Zephyr isn’t just a cycling studio to Merrit – it never has been. It’s comfort and diligence and every feeling in between. Zephyr is not a means to an end, or outcome – it’s a daily practice that motivates you to continue to show up every damn day (in and out of the saddle) for yourself. As she always says, what you practice at Zephyr comes to life as you walk outside the doors – with absolutely no bounds.