Marshall Harbison

Studio Manager

Marshall was born and raised in the valley of the Smoky Mountains of Northeast Tennessee, but caught the travel bug pretty early on in life. She spent most of her twenties in the work-save-travel cycle, in order to be able to spend as much time as possible in every country she visited. While living in Guatemala in 2018, she realized it was time to find a place to settle in the States. A certain valley in Montana had been calling her for years and finally, she listened. Marshall came to Zephyr within her first 24 hours of being in Bozeman and never looked back. Zephyr became a huge part of Marshall’s life – where she not only found a great place to exercise her body and mind, but also a community when she didn’t know anyone. Outside of Zephyr, Marshall enjoys making herbal tonics and tinctures and adventuring up in the mountains or down in the rivers with her fiancé, Josh and their dog, Izzy.