Jackie Adamek

Master Instructor

Hailing from the land of 10,000 lakes, Jackie has found herself right where her heart belongs in Montana. Fully grasps the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle with no attempt to tame her wild heart. Full-time senior instructor and studio director at Zephyr, mom to sweet Larkin and dog-mom to rescued pup Lola and Beartooth the Pug, smile and laugh-addict, Jackie lives to motivate others. Jackie brings the “jamz” (and yes, with a “z”), positivity, and energy into her classes where she not only wants people to sweat, but to ALSO have a helluva time doing so. Don’t let the blonde hair (and other arrays of pink pastels) or giggles fool you – Jackie comes ready to bike hard every class. She loves the feeling of the music guiding every pedal stroke along with the energy every person brings to each class.