Casey Thompson


Casey comes from the state of Texas and you’ll definitely know it when he drop’s the “y’alls” and “fixin to’s” in his class. Casey moved to Colorado for about a decade where he fell in love with the west and its recreational activities. The abundance of water and cold trout streams eventually drew Casey to Montana. You’ll find Casey rowing a boat as a fishing guide in the summers, skiing in the winters and working as a seasonal tax CPA during the shoulder seasons. Casey loves spending time with his friends, sharing great food and conversation. He loves his momma and enjoys visiting her in Florida to get out of the cold during the winter. He enjoys tying flies, dabbling in photography, cuddling up with a good book, and petting everyone else’s dog. Casey was introduced to Zephyr by his friend Marshall for a Thanksgiving day ride with Carolyn. He originally didn’t think it was for him, as he quotes “he wasn’t into the mushy stuff”. Zephyr has peeled away his armor and given him the space to show up in his own skin and he now lives for all the feels and “mushy stuff”. Casey spent his 20s sidelined with a form of arthritis, which severely limited his movement. Since getting a correct diagnosis and his health back on track Casey never wants to take the ability to move his body for granted. He loves to move with intention and lives for the sense of community, connection, and recognition of mind and spirit that Zephyr offers.