A pristine wellness studio in the heart of the West.

“Anything or anyone that does not bring you more alive is too small for you.”

– David Whyte 

We were the first rhythm-based cycling studio in the state of Montana. We blazed our own trail and created a path of our own that was born out of a desire and a need to create something that previously didn’t exist.

Zephyr is a rhythm-based and music-focused wellness studio in Bozeman, Montana. From signature cycling classes to strengthening cardio mat classes, each beat-based workout connects and strengthens your mind, body, and spirit. Zephyr classes are intentionally designed to bring you more alive in your day so that the time you spend at the studio will simultaneously ground and enlighten you. Zephyr is a place that allows you to connect with yourself and our community. We believe that when people feel embodied, connected and alive, it spills over into the care of everything around us and creates a better world. 

Our Story

Our founder, Carolyn Williams, did not consider herself an athlete growing up, nor did she entertain the idea of workout classes until college. Caro was a dedicated musician and student. But the gift of a SoulCycle class package changed her life. Taking her first rhythm-based cycling classes revealed to her the empowering and healing combination that music and movement created, and nothing felt better than clipping into the bike and moving to the beat of the music in order to heal, feel better, and have a really good time amidst a community of people doing the same. Carolyn continued to find community and aliveness within wellness studios after college, eventually transitioning to the instructor podium. But deep down she knew that her home state of Montana was calling her name (and her heart). Carolyn moved back to Montana in 2016 and opened Zephyr’s doors in May 2017. As a place providing intentional and cathartic rhythm-based wellness experiences, the Bozeman community has voted Zephyr the “Best Place to Get Fit” in the Bozeman’s Choice Reader’s Poll four years in a row and has named Carolyn “Bozeman’s Best Community Business Leader” in 2021 and 2023. 

Giving Back

We believe in repeatedly, consistently showing up. Leaning into better. Not perfect (a word never meant to be applied to humans!), but progress. That goes for our workouts, our lives, and especially this community that’s given us so much already.

ZephyrGives back where we feel we can do the most good. Since we opened in 2017, we’ve donated more than $63,000 to non-profits. It’s not just about money, though – our space, our bikes, our students, and our confidence-building team of instructors all show up to make Bozeman even better. And we want to keep showing up.

We’re often a natural fit for mental health initiatives, because movement is such a powerful way to work through challenges and grow resilience. But mostly, we’re listening to see where we can serve best (with a soft spot for pups and kids.) Tell us your story, ride with our efforts, and together, we’ll put progress in motion. Email us your idea at hello@zephyrcyclingstudio.com