We are a Bozeman, Montana, cycling studio with a mind-body bend.

Our guided indoor cycling classes create space for wellness, connection, rejuvenation and transformation (and endorphin-drenched sweat sessions).

We believe in the power of music to move the human body and the human spirit. We call on songs from classics to cutting edge—whatever keeps us moving. We think moving together is a healthy practice, sacred since ancient times. That said, what happens between you and the resistance knob is up to you. We support you honoring what your body needs. We know that no matter how you feel in your body now, you will feel elevated, relaxed, motivated and grounded after sweating it out with us. Every time.

No matter who you are or where you are in your fitness journey, you are welcome here.

Our Classes

Zephyr Revolve

50-minute class

Make our signature practice your daily habit. A set of carefully curated songs guide you from your first centering breaths and warming up to cresting challenges and crushing the finish, all followed by the final feel-good stretch.

Zephyr Uplift

50-minute class

Infuse your cycle class with the benefits of lean strength training. Zephyr Uplift integrates barre-inspired lightweight lifting into your cycle practice, and incorporates a few minutes with small hand weights.

Zephyr Dash

30-minute class

Banish excuses with an intensive 30-minute practice. Zephyr Dash packs all the benefits of our signature Zephyr Revolve into a mere half-hour. Work hard, sweat tons, and feel completely refreshed.

Zephyr Zeal

60-minute class

Start your weekend mornings intentionally. A mid-morning hour creates more space to push yourself and kick off your day with a meaningful accomplishment.

Zephyr Momentum

90-minute class

Push yourself with an extended practice. Extra saddle time and a motivating soundtrack leave you feeling strong, accomplished, and renewed.


50-minute class

Pedal for a purpose we all believe in. Workout-wise, ZephyrGives is identical to Zephyr Revolve, with 100% of the profit (and the good energy) given to a worthy cause.


50-minute class

ZephyrCollective rides provide opportunities for the Zephyr community to support our newest instructors and to be the first to experience their classes – for free.

Kick off a new routine.

$18 for your first unlimited week. No commitment required.

Book Your Class
Pricing Overview
Try Zephyr for a week, for the price of one class

Your first walk-in pass includes unlimited use for that week.
$18 walk-in class / $14 for students and teachers (with valid ID or email address)

Fit in as many classes as you can on your first month for $88

Your first monthly unlimited pass: $88
Monthly unlimited, twelve-month commitment: $122/month
Monthly unlimited, six-month commitment: $128/month
Monthly unlimited, three-month commitment: $136/month
Monthly unlimited, no commitment: $168/month
Student/Teacher Monthly unlimited, three-month commitment: $108/month

Choose your Zephyr days

One class, use within 30 days: $18
One student class, use within 30 days (with valid student ID): $14
Five classes, use within 60 days: $85
Ten classes, use within 90 days: $160
Twenty classes, use within 6 months: $280
Thirty classes, use within 6 months: $390
Fifty classes, use within 1 year: $600
Ten student/teacher classes, use within 90 days: $100

All sales final.

Catch wind of all things Zephyr.

Ride like the wind.
Like a breeze, then a gust.
Like the winds that weave together into one.
Dynamic. Daring. Lifting others, shifting everything.
And always singing a song.
Ride Zephyr.


Where is Zephyr located and where do I park?

Zephyr is located at 2000 S Third Ave, Unit B, in the middle of the blue building adjacent to Sola Café on the corner of South Third Avenue and West Kagy. We have plenty of parking — you are welcome to park in any of the undesignated parking spaces.

Do you have classes for beginners?

We want all riders — new and experienced — to feel comfortable in our classes. While we don’t offer classes specifically for beginners, our instructors cover the basics at the beginning of each class and offer modifications throughout each ride to ensure that all riders feel confident.

Does Zephyr have showers?

Yes, Zephyr has two showers and bath towels for your use.

Do I need to bring or rent a bike towel?

Zephyr provides complimentary towels for every bike, every class.

Where can I get water?

We  have a water fountain for filling up your reusable bottle — don’t forget to bring one!

Should I wear bike shoes? Are sneakers okay?

You can wear either on any of our bikes, which are all equipped with toe cages for sneakers as well as SPD clips for bike shoes.

How do I sign up for class?

You can sign up for Zephyr classes in advance of the ride you want to take here, or download the MindBody app through iTunes to sign up right from your phone.

What if I need to cancel?

Life happens. Our cancellation window is 6 hours prior to class. If you cancel before then, we’ll put your class pass back in your account.

What does zephyr mean?

Zephyr means a light, westward wind. Every class at Zephyr will rejuvenate, refresh, and elevate your body and mind – just as a light breeze on a warm summer day in Montana might do.

Ouch! Took my first class and my butt hurts! How long's that going to last?!

Don’t worry, it’s totally normal and will subside after 2-3 classes. In the meantime, we have gel seat covers for your comfort that you can use anytime – just ask for one at the front desk!


We welcome all, and that includes you.

We also welcome your questions, comments, and wild ideas.

call us at 406.404.1663
email us at hello@zephyrcyclingstudio.com
stop by our studio:

2000 S. Third Avenue, Unit B
Bozeman, MT 59715