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We know that mental health is health.

In collaboration with mental healthcare providers in the Gallatin Valley, we’ve created a new program to continue breaking down barriers to and stigma around seeking out therapy.

Whether looking to incorporate movement or therapy for the first time (or starting again), ZephyrMoves provides resources to help you strengthen that mind and heart connection by partnering with local mental healthcare providers throughout the year – and by working with those providers to confidentially help their patients access Zephyr more easily.

Discounts for Mental Healthcare Professionals

We know that using movement to get out of our heads and into our hearts benefit our minds in so many ways – but that they often need us to take care of them beyond the bike, too. That’s why we offer discounted rates to mental healthcare professionals in Gallatin Valley.

Winter 2022 ZephyrMoves Collaboration: Providence Mental Health

Providence Mental Health

Our partnership with Providence Mental Health will culminate in two wellness events in February: a cycling class followed by a mindful meditation with a PMH provider on Saturday, February. 5, followed by an event with mental healthcare providers at PMH on Thursday, February 10.

PMH supports individuals using a variety of approaches that are client centered and help those we serve reimagine what traditional therapy looks like. Their clinicians meet individuals where they’re at; be it a local park, fishing, for coffee, or even taking a walk. They also offer Telehealth which allows them to offer therapy and medication services not only to Bozeman but across Montana.

In addition to treating individuals, what makes Providence distinct is the use of their collaborative family systems model which increases positive outcomes for our clients and their support networks. Rather than applying traditional couples or family counseling, every individual within the family system receives their own clinician on a clinical treatment team. As clients begin to better themselves through the work with their designated clinician, the clinical treatment team collaborates to ensure the family goals are being worked towards, while maintaining individual confidentiality. This model speeds the healing process, helping clients and their loved ones dissolve barriers and improve relationships.

Movement and exercise are key pillars of individual self-care. In addition to cognitive therapy, the choices we make on a daily basis around sleep, nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and acceptance of ourselves without judgement, all play important roles in our health. Providence is pleased to partner with the Zephyr community, because mental health is physical health.

Meet PMH Providers

Joy Valentine has been practicing as a licensed, clinical social worker for the past 20 years. She has experience identifying and supporting at-risk youth, working with children, adolescents and families; in the foster care and private adoption systems; with domestic abuse survivors; and has worked with the geriatric population supporting  patients making end of life care decisions. Most recently she has been certified in grief and loss counseling to support those who have lost a loved one, or are transitioning through a difficult season in life. Joy believes that grief is a shared, human experience, one that we each navigate at our own pace. Her guiding principle of grief work is that we are all resilient, and our lives can and do, grow up and around grief.

In all of these varying contexts of clinical work, Joy has observed the positive impact that movement and exercise have on re-birth and growth for individuals. Trauma can become “stuck” or lodged in our bodies, and without intentional movement, our physical bodies can hold the score of what we have experienced, emotionally. In addition to taking 1-2 spin classes each week at Zephyr, Joy also includes daily walks, weekend hikes, and mountain biking explorations into her life “full of steps” and movement.  “When I’m moving my body, everything flows and feels rooted. When my breath is centered, my thoughts connect to one another, and my inner peace and balance come back on-line, and sync up. Life feels sweeter, bigger, and more manageable. This philosophy is a guiding principle in my clinical work, because of the beautiful impact I see for those who embrace it.”

Hannah Jester has been practicing as a Marriage and Family Therapy Associate/Candidate for approximately 3 1/2 years. She has experience working with at-risk children and youth, incarcerated men at San Quentin Prison in California, with adults that are working through healing past traumas, and with families healing together. Hannah works through a creative lens, with her main focus being on Drama and Play Therapy, while also using creative arts, dance, movement, nature, and music for healing. Hannah believes that any kind of creativity has an ability to release stuck emotions and heal a person through an enjoyable medium.

Throughout all of this, Hannah recognizes exercise’s ability to create movement in our day to day healing journey, and to release feelings of stress throughout the body. Hannah’s experience with cycling is small, but enjoyable, beginning at the start of 2021 through Peloton and progressing slowly with the use of music to support her exercise. On top of cycling, Hannah also enjoys hiking, walking, dance, authentic movement, strength training, and yoga for her own personal stress relief and healing journey. Hannah is excited to team up with Zephyr to begin to build a deeper connection between physical and mental wellness for all.


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