Shannon Shea

Front Desk Staff

Shannon grew up in Portland, Oregon, but calls Montana home after moving to Montana for college and never looked back. After 10 years in Montana, she can’t imagine living anywhere else! Currently pursing a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology through University of Montana. Special Education Paraprofessional at a local elementary school in Bozeman and a nanny for various families in Bozeman. Lives a life of positivity, seeing the best in every person, and living life in the moment. Believes everything happens for a reason. Grew up living a very active lifestyle playing and participating in every sport out there as a child and continued the competitive and motivational drive through young adult years. Believes in movement as seeing what your body is capable and honoring your body where its at. Came to Zephyr as a form of movement and exercise after an intense ankle reconstruction surgery. A few months after her first ankle surgery on her right ankle, she was cleared to start spin classes and was hooked and fell in love with the community, good beats to move to, building confidence in herself, and a drive she hadn’t had in years. After two ankle surgeries, Zephyr was the best thing to come out of some really tough seasons. Outside of Zephyr, you are most likely to find her at one of the local breweries and spending time doing mostly anything outside!