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Front Desk Staff

Front desk staff members play an integral role on Team Zephyr. They greet every customer who enters the studio and are there to help riders during every part of the Zephyr experience from bike set up to determining the appropriate membership and providing information regarding the latest events happening within the Zephyr community. Additionally, we take pride in the cleanliness of our space and the front desk team helps make this happen.

Indoor Cycling Instructors

Zephyr instructors create the foundation of the Zephyr experience and lead indoor cycling classes that guide each person in the room through a centering yet uplifting sweat- and endorphin-drenched class accessible to all – every single time they take the podium. The instructor role includes creating, planning and teaching workouts that appeal to all skill levels, maintaining and growing relationships with Zephyr riders and completing and adhering to Zephyr-branded instructor training. Instructors must have the ability to count music, ride to the rhythm, and exude grounded confidence and authentic energy each time they lead class. No experience necessary to apply or audition. To apply, attach your cover letter and resumé here.


To apply, attach your cover letter and resumé here.



To apply, attach your cover letter and resumé here.