Where is Zephyr located and where do I park?
Zephyr is located at 2000 S Third Ave, Unit B, in the middle of the blue building adjacent to Sola Café on the corner of South Third Avenue and West Kagy. We have plenty of parking — you are welcome to park in any of the undesignated parking spaces.
Do you have classes for beginners?
We want all riders — new and experienced — to feel comfortable in our classes. While we don’t offer classes specifically for beginners, our instructors cover the basics at the beginning of each class and offer modifications throughout each ride to ensure that all riders feel confident.
Does Zephyr have showers?
Yes, Zephyr has two showers stocked with Aveda products and bath towels as well as blow dryers for your use.
Do I need to bring or rent a bike towel?
Zephyr provides complimentary towels for every bike, every class.
Where can I get water?
We  have a water fountain for filling up your reusable bottle — don’t forget to bring one!
Does Zephyr partner with any other fitness studios in Bozeman?
We sure do! Our partner studios, Ekam Yoga and Pure Barre, offer workouts that will absolutely complement your Zephyr rides. If you have an annual membership at any of our three studios, you receive 15% off any class pass at either or both of the other two. Additionally, you can purchase a Trio Pass, which includes 5 classes at each studio with an expiration date of two months, from any of the three studios. Email us at hello@zephyrcycligstudio.com for more information.
Should I wear bike shoes? Are sneakers okay?
You can wear either on any of our bikes, which are all equipped with toe cages for sneakers as well as SPD clips for bike shoes.
How do I sign up for class?
You can sign up for Zephyr classes in advance of the ride you want to take here, or download the Zephyr app through iTunes or Google Play to sign up right from your phone (which we highly recommend!)
What are the benefits to becoming an annual Zephyr member?
While you can always purchase class passes or shorter-term memberships, our annual members at Zephyr comprise the heart of our studio and we’d love for you to be one. Apart from having unlimited access to our robust class schedule, there are myriad benefits of being an annual Zephyr member, including the following!

  • Discounts to Complete Body Works including $25 ortho treatments (normally $50) and $20 off any service of $50 or more (including but not limited to massages and facials)
  • 1 free late cancel/month (normally $10)
  • 1 complimentary guest pass per month (email me to set this up whenever you’d like to bring a guest)
  • Membership pauses for minimum 2 weeks + maximum 3 months
  • 10% off retail
  • 10% off class passes for immediate family members
  • 15% off any class pass at Ekam Yoga and/or Pure Barre Bozeman
What if I need to cancel?
Life happens. Our cancellation window is 4 hours prior to class. If you cancel before then, we’ll put your class pass back in your account.
What does zephyr mean?
Zephyr means a light, westward wind. Every class at Zephyr will rejuvenate, refresh, and elevate your body and mind – just as a light breeze on a warm summer day in Montana might do.
Ouch! Took my first class and my butt hurts! How long's that going to last?!
Don’t worry, it’s totally normal and will subside after 2-3 classes. In the meantime, we have gel seat covers for your comfort that you can use anytime – just ask for one at the front desk!
I have a question you haven't addressed here! What should I do?
Email us at hello@zephyrcyclingstudio.com or call us at 406.404.1663 – we are always happy to help!