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Zephyr is a Bozeman, Montana, cycling studio - a community that moves together.

Zephyr means a wind from the West. Like the wind, we can’t see our own power, but we witness the impact of it – sweeping out the old, and breathing in the new.

Zephyr was born in the mountains of Bozeman, Montana – the brainchild of Carolyn Williams, brought to life by a dedicated cohort of enthusiastic instructors and visionary employees. We flung open our doors in 2017, and have been steadily supported by the local community ever since.

Our studio stands as a sanctuary for everyone to nurture their spirit and conviction. Our deepest aspiration is that people make the strides they need in the studio so they can unleash their best self on the world.

We’re forever grateful for the way the community rallies around us, and hope to always serve Gallatin Valley as a compassionate, involved, and aware local business through ZephyrGives.

To those who ride, sweat, laugh and breathe with us, both in Bozeman, and in far corners of the world online, thank you. You’re the real Zephyr.

A Community of Movement